Cat Toys – Pounce House and Bird in a Cage

We took the opportunity earlier this month to look at some innovative cat toys on the market that have been receiving very favorable comments from their owners. In particular we were quite impressed by several of the products from the OurPets cat toys portfolio.

So we reached out to them and they were kind enough to send us some of their electronic cat toys for us to review.

In this post we summarize our experience with the following two of their toys:

1. Pounce House

The following description of the Pounce House comes directly from the OurPets® website:     

The Pounce House TM is designed to stimulate your cat’s hunter instinct, engaging them in fun and healthy play.  The spinning feather teases your cat into action while the large hunting holes give them full access to bat, claw, and pounce on their prey.  When playtime is over, the Pounce House TM is the perfect place for a catnap until it is time to spring back into action!

See the Pounce House in action in the video below:

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The Verdict

It lived up to its promise. Both cats took to the Pounce House immediately. In fact our tuxie (Newman – photo below) spent a good part of the day lounging in it and occasionally swatting at the dangling feather. The feather with its spinning action (although clever) held their attention for a while, but quite honestly they seemed to have more fun just batting it on their own terms when it wasn’t gyrating. Either way they liked it.

If your cat like caves and/or feather toys then we’re confident that he/she will really take to the Pounce House. The packaging is very clever – it comes in a small box and much like a pop-up tent is easily twist-opened to expand to its full size. It’s a clever toy and our kitties give it a two paws up!     Buy it on Amazon.

2. Bird in a Cage

The following description of Bird in a Cage comes directly from the OurPets® website:  

OurPets® Bird in a Cage TM makes every cat’s fantasy of teasing the bird of the house a reality.  As this lifelike bird cat toy flutters around in its cage, while making the RealBirdTM sound, your cat will have no choice but to enter into hunting mode!  This will engage your cat in plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation.

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This lifelike Bird in a Cage TM cat toy features:

  • A realistic bird that jumps, flutters, and makes the RealBirdTM  sound
  • A no tangle, durable string
  • Wobble base that ensures the toy will stand upright during play

Watch the Bird in a Cage in action in the video below:

The Verdict

This toy also lived up to its promise … in fact our tuxie (Newman) who is an avid bird watcher immediately took to pouncing on the cage. It was quite funny to watch. The bird is quite life like with its fluttering movements and realistic sounds, and the colorful blue and yellow chassis is durable and cleverly designed.

The surprise for us came when our tabby (Mouse – photo below) wouldn’t attack and instead became very protective over the yellow bird (his new buddy) – so much so that he spent much of the afternoon guarding it from his brother. Must be a kindred bonding thing between yellow and ginger.  >^..^<

The Bird in a Cage is an intelligent and well built toy that will certainly garner the attention of most cats (but not sure if they’ll attack or protect the wee bird).

Again, both our kitties give it a two paws up!     Buy it on Amazon.

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The above reviews were done without payment or compensation from OurPets and they are our views only. We’ll be reviewing more of their cat toys in the coming weeks. In the meantime, to learn more about OurPets check out their website at:


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