Does Your Cat Vomit Frequently?


How about we get the obvious fact out of the way first? There is nothing pleasant about cleaning up cat vomit.

There. Now that we’ve gotten that behind us, let’s next acknowledge the other obvious fact:  A vomiting cat is a sign of something that is amiss or potentially hazardous for your pet.

There seemingly are millions of reasons why cats vomit, either occasionally or regularly, and we’re not just talking about hairballs here. In this post, we will look at some potential reasons why your cat might be vomiting, as well as how to treat your cat.

What causes my cat to vomit?

The unfortunate truth is that just about anything can cause your cat to vomit, just like almost anything can cause a human to throw up. However, your cat cannot describe to you what they ate, what they were playing with, or what else hurts on their body, so the work is up to you.  Be sure to rule out illness as a cause.  Refer to recently published post called Signs of Cat Illness for additional information.

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Assuming kitty is otherwise healthy, here are some of the most common reasons they may throw up.


Cats, just like us, are subjects to the consequences of a poor diet or food allergies. Cheap foods that are made from sub-quality meats (such as eyes, beaks, or other fillers) are not as easily digestible by cats, and yes, cats can develop allergies. Allergies can develop when your cat is subjected to the same food repeatedly. And be sure to keep an eye on those treats! Treats can also contain nasty fillers, as well as many undesirable chemicals.  Be sure to read the article on 9 Foods Your Cat Should NEVER Eat!


True, this could easily be put under the diet category, but the misconception about cats and saucers of milk make it necessary to address this topic clearly: Cow milk can cause your cat to vomit. Your cat’s digestive system isn’t designed to drink cow milk, goat milk, or any other milk that isn’t from a cat. Your cat’s pancreas cannot process the cow milk enzymes.


Cats don’t understand portion control. If your cat has other competition when it comes to meal time, they might eat too much and too fast. Eating too quickly can cause stomach upset and eventually vomiting.

Too much, too soon

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with competition: Your cat might just be a fast eater. Again, eating too quickly can cause regurgitation.

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A disruption of routine

Cats might not understand portion control, but their bodies understand routine. A disruption in the feeding schedule can cause vomiting.

Long hair

Any cat can get a hairball, and hairballs are a form of vomiting.

Plant eating

Cats love to chew on live plants, but not all live plants are safe to be chewed on.

In healthy cats, these are typically the most common reasons why your cat vomits.  Keep reading to find out how you can help reduce or eliminate the vomiting altogether.




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