How to Keep Your Dog Still When Grooming: Pro Groomer Tips

Not every dog likes being groomed, and it can easily turn into a stressful experience for both of you. It can even be dangerous if they move around too much. However, what if we told you it doesn’t need to be that way? That grooming your pup can be a much calmer and enjoyable experience for everyone involved? 


The truth is, we often go about grooming the wrong way, and there are some great tips and tricks that professional groomers would love to share with you so that you can maintain your dog’s coat and keep them healthy – especially when you are unable to see an expert. What’s better? It’s actually incredibly simple and you’ll have them staying still in no time. 

Get the Right Tools

You need the right tools for the job, and doing your research is an essential part of this. Clippers, brushes, all of it requires you to pick the right model for your dog’s size and coat type if you want them to end up with a gorgeous and healthy coat. You may even want to consider picking up a grooming table as they are quite affordable and offer a secure grooming area. 

Give your dog the opportunity to sniff the tools and get used to them, allowing them to feel comfortable and take things at their own pace. If you rush into it, you risk them becoming nervous or frightened which will make your job a lot harder and certainly stop them from staying still. 

Learn Grooming Techniques 

The most important thing is learning how to groom them properly. The wrong grooming techniques could lead to inadequate brushing that doesn’t remove or prevent tangles and knots, or it could even lead to a method that causes your dog great discomfort while they are being groomed. This is why it is important to take the time to learn how to maintain their coats. 

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You can read plenty of online guides, as well as head to places like YouTube for detailed video guides from professional groomers to help you keep your dog’s coat in the best possible condition. This will also help to keep them still as they won’t be at risk of pain and discomfort, ensuring that they remain in the same position throughout. 

Keep it Calm

This is so important. Their experience should be calm, quiet, and full of positivity. Put the TV on with low volume, or the radio, just to create some soothing background noise that they are familiar with. Get them used to the grooming process by giving them a gentle brush while you are snuggled up with them watching TV in the evenings, normalizing it in their everyday life. 

Rushing the grooming process can lead them to become panicked and associate it with negative experiences. Give them lots of treats and praise during these quiet grooming sessions, and slowly work your way up to the grooming table or something more intensive like clipping their fur. Even if they wiggle, it is important that you remain calm and don’t scold them. 


Preparing for Groomers 

It’s important to work on keeping your dog still when grooming at home partly because it prepares them for seeing a professional groomer. It conditions them to be calm and still both in the house and outside of it, which is important for their safety as well as making the job of the groomer a lot easier. 

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Having a grooming table can help massively with this as it means they are already used to both the tables and the tethers that are used to secure them. It’s not an expensive investment, but it is one that will help your dog to feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

To Conclude 

Keeping your dog still during grooming isn’t as hard as keeping them mud-free, but it does take patience and dedication while you get them used to it! Investing in the right tools and ensuring that you take your time with introducing them to the grooming process is absolutely essential if you want a dog that is safe, comfortable, and completely still while they are being brushed or clipped.

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