How to Mentally Challenge Your Pup

Have you ever considered your pup needs more than just love, food, sleep and playtime? Just as humans need to be mentally stimulated for a healthy life you need to learn how to mentally challenge your pup so he or she does not become bored. When he or she becomes bored they tend to find other things to entertain themselves. These behaviors can be destructive things such as chewing up your shoes or worse—like maybe becoming mean and hostile to friends, family, other pets, or strangers.

There are many ways to keep a puppy and adult dog entertained, and the benefits include not just a happy puppy but a dog that will achieve a higher level of intelligence, handle stressful situations better, and develop the ability to concentrate, focus, and sleep better as well. These are just a few reasons we should use interactive training aids and toys with our pups. Let’s take a look at a few ways to mentally challenge your pup.

A plethora of interactive toys and games are available so finding one or two for your pup should be easy. Using these interactive stimulation games and toys is a great way for you and the puppy to bond and develop a lifelong trusting relationship. Dogs need to be mentally stimulated just as people do for their well-being, and one of the best ways to do this is teaching your pup how to solve problems. Challenging and interactive toys encourage your young pup to learn at a very early age how to solve the object of the game. This stimulates their ability to think and consequently develop a higher intelligence level.

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Mentally challenge your pup

One of the best of these many options is rubber toys. These are great interactive mentally stimulation toys if you choose one with the capability to put your pup’s favorite tasty treats inside the toy so they have to figure out how to get these treats out. Great also for when you are not at home because you can load up the toy and know your pup is being mentally challenged while you are away.

A great way to keep your dog challenged is spend time training him or her how to perform some new commands or tricks. As described by Cesar Millan on his website:

Every time you engage your dog in a training session, you are providing him with a mental challenge. Search around for new tricks to work on. If you’re ready to move past the basic commands, check out books, scan the Internet, and ask a trainer for ideas for new tricks and training ideas.

Another very good interactive way to mentally challenge your pup is a bit more complex. These are the puzzle type of problem solving games. Again a favorite food or treat is put inside the puzzle and can only be reached after the pup solves a simple task to reveal the treat. The level of difficulty can be increased as the pup masters each task.

Using these interactive games and toys will teach your pup he or she can learn how to do difficult tasks and they will develop a more positive attitude to future training as they grow into adult dogs. These mentally challenging toys and methods for your pup are good for the dog and you.

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How do you stimulate your pup’s intelligence? Advice and comments are encouraged below.

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