This ONE Thing Cured My Doberman’s Separation Anxiety

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or noise phobias? My sure does. Or… I should say… did.

Separation Anxiety

These days, her anxiousness has all but disappeared.

I remember the first time I told my boyfriend that I thought Dixie… my beautiful two-year old Doberman… suffered from separation anxiety. He actually laughed!

Anxiety in animals is so
rarely talked about… many people think that you surely must be joking when
you bring it up.

But it’s no laughing matter. And if you have a pet that suffers from anxiety… it can cause sleepless nights. And no short amount of feelings  of helplessness.

Dixie was a rescue. The minute I saw her in the pound, I knew I was going to take her home. She had a beautiful light in her eyes that no other dog had.  And, despite her initial shyness… I could tell she had a big heart.

Things went well the first few weeks. I knew there would an adjustment period.  But as time went on… things got worse.

Dixie started whining in the morning when she saw me get ready for work. Then, she started barking wildly after I left the house. I thought it would take a little tough love for her to stop, so I stopped going back in to calm her down. But she barked so loud and for so long, my neighbor called animal control!

The first week or so, I would return home to find Dixie laying in the exact spot she had been when I left. She had not moved a single inch all day… and had laid there for hours in her own urine and defecation. I was heart-broken.

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I had a doggie door to the back yard installed, and that seemed to help. Until the chewing started. If she had been a puppy, I would have understood. But she was over 2 years old… way past the puppy stage for a Doberman.

I would come home and find things chewed into bits. It started with my shoes. Then the entire plastic garbage can. The worst was when I came home and found my $2,400 leather couch chewed down to the frame.

Enough was enough.

At first I called my vet… who told me that they could prescribe a sedative for her during the day. Perfect. Just what I wanted… to drug my precious dog up all day while I was at work. Can you imagine if a doctor suggested that for children?

“Can’t get your two year old to settle down during the day? Just drug them with a sedative for 8 hours. It will be fine!”

Desperate… I began to search for all natural ways to reduce anxiety for dogs.  

I tried essential oils…
putting diffusers with lavender all through the house.

I tried leaving on the TV
with videos specially designed for dogs.

I even tried playing a
hypnotherapy for dogs track on my speaker system!  

(Hey… I was desperate!
 No judgement.)

At my wits end… I finally came across a forum for people with anxious dogs. Turns out, I wasn’t alone!

There were a lot of good resources, but the one that really caught my eye was the thread on “CBD Oil for Anxious Dogs.”

I knew CBD oil could really
help humans… my mom effectively erased her joint pain with it… but… for

Despite my skepticism…  I read story after story of people who cured their dogs anxiety with the stuff.

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I had nothing to lose, so I ordered the brand that everyone almost universally said was the best: PurCBD.

When I went to the site, I was surprised to see that I had options. I could get just the oil… but there were also special Dog Treats that already had the oil in them!

I ordered both. The package arrived in only a few days.

Not sure what to expect… I started with just the oil. I put a few drops on her dog food in the morning and in the evening. I didn’t notice much the first couple of days. But on the third day, my mouth nearly hit the floor.

Normally Dixie would be right by the door… whining and crying as I left. But on day three… she was laying on her bed in the living room… looking at me with eyes that seemed totally indifferent to whether I left or not!

That night… when I got home… she was actually in the backyard by herself… calm as could be. No accidents in the house. Nothing was chewed up. It was unbelievable.

I thought maybe it was just a fluke… but this became Dixies new life. She was calm and peaceful most of the day now.

Better yet… I feel like I now have the dog first saw in the pound. The one with the big heart, twinkly eyes and love to spare.

PurCBD changed my pet’s life. We’re both happy and healthy now.

If you have a dog that seems anxious, you should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. You can see their current offers when you visit their site HERE.


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