Trick Your Cat with a Circle

Have you heard the pun that says ”circles are pointless”?  Well that may be true mathematically, but for our cats circles have a very special and mysterious power.  Cats are drawn to sit/stand inside them.

It’s true. Want to see how to do an experiment at home with your own cat(s) to test the theory that a cat will be drawn to sit inside a circle? (see details on how at the bottom of this post).

Many of our readers have tried it and the vast majority found that it worked. We asked some of our favorite paw pals to showcase for us their unique circular style (photo gallery below).

Let’s kick off the feline festivities with these handsome fellas… @meowing_mick (left) and @ronaldotuxedo (right)

Check out @gobo_tomcat (left) and @tuxedotrio (right)

Enjoying a chin tickle is @graveskullthepersian (left) along with @furryboy.leo (right)

Some tuxedo style circular classiness courtesy of @lillmanlulu_luigi_and_co (left) and @millie_the_cat_adventures (right)

More cuteness below with @deziandroo (left) and @booboo_poppy_meeka (right)

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And now to double the circular cuteness factor we have @themainecoonlife (left) and @ladylolathecat (right)

cats in circles

And proudly honoring the circle tradition are @tony_bologna_cat (left) and @adventuresofotitis (right)

cats trapped inside a circle

Of course there are always challengers who refuse the magical draw of the circle. Enjoy these two munchkin cuties @katieandfrankie who clearly play to their own drummer!  >^..^<

Enjoy even more feline eye candy with these two stunning furbabies @otisandjr (left) and @wynneycat (right)

cat in a circle trick

In great circular form below we have @arizona_the_kitty (left) and @millie.poo_and_maybel_too (right)

cat circle theory

Rounding things out we have @jones_fids (left) and @siberian_monkeys (right)

trick your cat with a circle

And battling it out for circular supremacy are @patrickcatson (left) and @the_meow_sisters (right)

And not to be outdone we have @vivipet_usa (left) and @sphynxloverlove (right)

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Adding to the circular beautification we have @shadow_scuba (left) and @therealpercythepersian (right)

cat sits in tape square

Stunning circular cuteness courtesy of @libbyjoykitty (left) and @lefusadi (right)

Rounding things out in true cat couture style we have @squirrelbuddha (left) and @freakmeowtcatnip (right)

This is feline like we’re going in circles with @derthecat (left) and @sam_en_sita (right)

Circling their own unique style, we have @fransvischer (left) and @minos_achilles_atticus (right)

We hope that you’ll give it a try and share your experience with us.


INSTRUCTIONS: Trick Your Cat to Stay in a Circle

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Make a circle on the floor out of masking tape, or for that matter, anything else (a rope, a belt, an extension cord, etc.) and then wait for your cat to come prowling on over
  • Watch your cat look at the circle
  • Wait 30 seconds and you’ll probably see your cat sitting in the middle of the circle looking up at you with inquisitive eyes.

Image via EarthPorm

So why do cats sit inside circles? No one knows exactly. Even vets and pet psychologists remain baffled as to why a circle attracts a cat. The really funny thing, once they sit inside their circle, they are almost immovable.

Some theories suggest that cats sit in a circle to give themselves a sense of security.  Perhaps they feel it is a territory they can protect.  Another theory puts forward that if humans pay a great deal of attention to the circle, cats feel the need to discover what’s so fascinating about it. Perhaps it’s simply because cats like enclosed spaces.

We tested it with two of our own cats using a very small circle to see how they’d respond…they competed with each other for entry into that coveted circular space of real estate!

No matter what the theory, cats are drawn to sitting in circles.  In fact, our tabby got downright annoyed when we took him out of his circle.  Fellow cat owners have used everything from masking tape, to hoola hoops, paper cups and even bananas (all arranged in a circle) to trap their cats.  Hope you try it.

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