Why Do Cats Eat Plants?

Greetings, my pawsome human minions. ‘Tis Forrest the cat, taking a break from napping to talk to you about cats and plants as I have what my mother calls a bad habit.

I love plants. They’re fun to put your paws in because the leaves wiggle and wave, just begging to be bitten. So that’s what I do. And while I don’t think my taste for greenery is a bad habit, my mother insists eating plants isn’t what civilized cats do. She’s just mad because I tore up the leaves on her new favorite house plant. She calls it a peacock plant, but I call it delicious.

How could I be expected to ignore those fancy striped leaves? Doesn’t she know how good those leaves smell when reduced to a green-scented pulp? Her annoyed muttering about cats eating house plants says she doesn’t. And I can hear your thoughts, too, cat lover. Like my mom, you’re wondering why cats eat plants. Well, let me be a helpful cat and count the ways cats love snacking on plants!

why do cats eat plants

Why Do Cats Eat House Plants?

Upset Stomach

It’s not unusual to see a cat scarf down a bunch of grass and then barf it right back up. That’s because a cat knows the grass or plant leaves they consume can induce vomiting when they have an upset stomach. Because we are obligate carnivores, our systems don’t make the enzymes needed to process plant material. Therefore, to eat grass and plants means to vomit when you’re a cat with some tummy upset.

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Easy Pooping

Eating plants and grass can provide cats with some extra nutrients and fiber. And that planty fiber helps to break up the hairballs that build up from grooming. All that hair can gum up the gut works, if you know what I mean, so a grass snack can help those litter pan trips return to solid and smooth once again. And much as I want to argue, Mom says my fiber should come from sources other than her expensive plants!

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Sometimes cats will turn their attention to your plants because there’s nothing else to do. Without plenty of toys, playtime, and exercise, cats can sometimes turn to destructive behaviors to feel fulfilled. Plants are a great but naughty way to find the stimulation a bored cat craves. So, if your cat has turned their teeth and claws on your house plants, it may be time to find some entertainment for your kitty.

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why do cats eat plants?

Delicious Dining

But the number one reason I eat plants? They taste delicious! Think about it this way; you love a fresh salad packed with crisp, clean lettuce. Mom’s peacock plant is my fresh salad bowl. Well, it used to be. Now, she’s growing bowls of cat grass and catnip, especially for my grazing needs. The peacock plant has been placed on a shelf where I cannot go. But still, I love to gaze up at it fondly and remember how the leaves crunched when my teeth would puncture them.

If your cat chooses your plants as their salad bowl, make them a cat garden with 8 Plants Both You And Your Cat Can Enjoy At Home! And don’t forget, when building a planter for your cat, choose sterilized or organic soil. Also, be sure the pot or planter that will hold your cat’s garden is stable and won’t tip when kitty dear starts snacking.

Now, before your feline friend turns to plants for dinner, don’t forget to feed the cat!

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