Bonded Cats Lived Under Porch All Their Lives, Then a Home Changed How They Viewed the World

Bonded cats lived under the porch all their lives. Then, a home changed how they viewed the world.

tortie torbie catsIvy and ScarlettElaine Sylvester

For many years, Ivy (tortie) and Scarlett (torbie) lived out most of their days in the shadows of a porch and shared the tight space with two other strays. When the homeowner passed away, a family member discovered the clowder beneath the house.

She offered a loving home to one of them, and Nashville Cat Rescue took the other three under their wing. “Scarlett and Ivy took solace from each other. I stepped up to foster them,” Elaine Sylvester shared with Love Meow.

Ivy and Scarlett were seven and six years old and likely had never been inside a house. “I suspect they are mother and daughter.”

bonded cats hidingElaine Sylvester

Life on the streets had taken on a toll on them, especially Ivy. She lost part of her ear, likely due to frostbite, had two broken teeth (which were later removed), and was FIV+.

Wary of their new surroundings, they took refuge in a tent bed. Scarlett buried her face in the shadows and leaned into Ivy for comfort.

bonded cats hidingElaine Sylvester

Elaine began socializing the pair by sitting quietly and slow-blinking at them. Then, one evening, Ivy blinked back.

She offered treats as a gesture of goodwill, hoping to earn their trust. After a month of daily sitting sessions, both girls mustered the courage to eat in front of their foster mom.

cat seeking affectionScarlettElaine Sylvester

“Scarlett was the first to respond to me. One day, I heard purring coming from the tent bed. It was Scarlett. I lured her to me with treats and toys.”

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Ivy, the more cautious one, watched every interaction between Elaine and Scarlett, slowly lowering her guard. “Eventually, she emerged from the tent bed to sample some of my treats.”

tortie cat petsIvyElaine Sylvester

They progressed to stepping onto Elaine’s lap and accepting pets while feasting on the treats. As they became accustomed to being petted, they sought out gentle touch and no longer cowered in their cave.

It took 7.5 months for Ivy to discover her purr and nearly 11 months to find the courage to look out the window. “She’s come so far. Each purr is a gift.”

bonded catsThey share an unbreakable bondElaine Sylvester

“Scarlett is inquisitive and prances over to check out what you are doing as she affectionately rubs along your legs. She is always up for chin scratches. When you scratch right under her ear, she purrs nonstop and makes biscuits.

“Ivy is an independent little lady who loves to perch on her cat tree and nature watch for most of the day. When you pet her, you’ll wonder if she is the softest cat ever.”

sweet cats tortieElaine Sylvester

They have a very special bond, exchanging head bumps daily and taking comfort from each other.

“Scarlett was gone for a teeth cleaning. Ivy came right up to her when she came home from the vet. It was obvious Ivy missed Scarlett. The same thing happened in reverse when Ivy went to the vet and was gone for a few hours.”

cats head bumpingThey take comfort from each otherElaine Sylvester

While Ivy finds contentment gazing out the window, Scarlett burrows under the quilt nearby, practicing her invisibility. They have been in foster care for two years and are ready to embark on their new journey with a forever family.

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tortie cat window watchingIvy enjoys her daily feline entertainmentElaine Sylvester

“They’d love a quiet home. It takes time to earn their trust, but once you do, they will love you forever, coming over for your pets and rubbing up against you.”

cats best friendsElaine Sylvester

“The small quiet moments in life become that much more special when they lean in with head rubs and purrs as their way to tell you they love you.”

tortie torbie catsElaine Sylvester

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