Cat Who Lost His Home Attached Himself to the People Who Took Him in, Sticking with Them All Day

After losing his home, a cat attached himself to the people who took him in, sticking with them all day.

sweet tabby cat snugglesVentureMichelle

A sweet 10-month-old tabby cat was forced out of his home when his owner was evicted. Left behind and with no one to claim him, he began to waste away, deprived of nourishment and care.

“We don’t know the circumstances behind the tenants, but when animals get caught in the crosshairs, where do they go? Venture (the cat) could have landed on the street. Thankfully, our team didn’t let that happen,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

One of their rescuers promptly responded to the call for help and brought the deserving cat to safety. “Venture is flawlessly friendly. He is so grateful and just wants to be someone’s perfect house cat.”

sweet skinny catHe was very underweight and malnourished when he was rescuedNora

Nora, his rescuer, took him in for the night and was deeply moved by his sweet and gentle nature. Overjoyed to have a companion, Venture nestled close to her and eventually drifted off to sleep.

“He purred and held hands like she was the best thing that ever happened to him. He is chatty but settles right next to you.”

sweet rescued catHe wouldn’t eat unless someone was by his sideNora

Venture was skinny and frail when he first arrived but refused to touch his food unless he had company. “He only wanted to eat when someone was there with him,” Nora shared with Love Meow.

“He wanted to be a little velcro baby, sticking with you wherever you went. On his first night, Venture just curled up and slept on me.”

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sweet sleeping cat snugglesVenture nestled close to Nora and fell asleep on herNora

“We often focus on sick and injured cats, but Venture would have definitely declined in a shelter and was far too friendly to survive outdoors. He adores other friendly cats and sees everyone as a friend.”

Michelle, an experienced foster carer, came across a post about Venture needing a foster home and jumped at the chance to take him in.

snuggly cat sleepingHe wanted to be a velcro kittyNora

“He sounded like a perfect fit for us – we have our own young adult male cat who loves it when we foster other young friendly males, and he fits the bill,” Michelle told Love Meow.

“When we got him, he was super malnourished and underweight. His hair was falling out in clumps, probably due to stress and not eating properly.”

sweet cat holding handsNora

Despite being rough around the edges and anxious in his new environment, Venture remained a gentle soul, his wary eyes longing for love.

“We had to sit with him and hand-feed him meat baby food and treats to get him to eat. He warmed up quickly and was so friendly that we were able to introduce him to our resident cat within a few days. By the end of the week, he was roaming around our house freely as a full-time member of the family.”

cat house supervisorVenture quickly adjusted to his new foster homeMichelle

Venture has gained a whole pound within two weeks. His coat no longer sheds and has become soft and gleaming.

“He’s extremely sweet and loves to cuddle and be around people all the time. He’s also very chatty and loves walking around the house, meowing and chit-chatting about nothing. He’ll let you pick him up indefinitely and rarely tries to wriggle free. If you place him in your lap or near you, he’ll stay there.”

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sweet tabby catHe follows his people around, filling the air with his adorable meows and chirpsMichelle

Venture has discovered his favorite toy – a catnip kicker shaped in a fish – and carries it around as his most prized possession.

He stays close to his people, following them from room to room as their sweet and loyal companion. He showers them with snuggles and fills the air with his cheerful chirping, sharing tales of his day.

cute cat toyVenture and his favorite toyMichelle

Nothing brings more joy than curling in bed with his people and being by their side all day.

Venture has embarked on a new journey filled with love and hope, surrounded by compassionate people committed to giving him the best life possible.

cat lounging couchMichelle

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