Dog Bites Man’s Face To Help Owner Escape Possible Assault

A woman escapes a man trying to sexually assault her when her dog helped her by biting the man’s face on Sunday, May 05.

Fort Collins Police reveals that they were dispatched to Lee Martinez Park in Colorado on Sunday night after a female called 911, “crying and telling a male to get off of her.”

The officers were able to locate the female, who pointed out a male walking behind her. According to her, the man attacked her and she was able to fight him off for 20 minutes.

And thanks to the woman’s dog, who bit the male in the face, she was able to prevent the man from sexually assaulting her.

According to Fort Collins Police, an officer arranged medical support for the victim.

Meanwhile, the suspect, identified as Seth Estabrooks, was taken into custody by the police. Fort Collins Police reveals that the man, who is a “transient” from Boulder, had no prior relationship with the victim.

Furthermore, the suspect was processed by a Patrol Crime Scene Investigator and was treated for the dog bites he sustained at the UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital.

Fort Collins Police reveals that the suspect was booked on the following charges:

  • 2nd Degree Assault Strangulation – Class 4 Felony
  • Unlawful Sexual Contact with Force or Threat – Class 4 Felony
  • False imprisonment by Force – Class 5 Felony

“All charges are merely an accusation by law enforcement and the suspect must be presumed innocent until proven guilty in court,” Fort Collins Police said.

Facebook users can’t help but call the woman’s dog a hero for his efforts in protecting her owner escape the situation.

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One user wrote, “Thank you dispatch for searching the system until you located her. Her dog deserves an award too.”

While another wrote, “Thankfully she had a great dog and she was able fight to get away from this transient. The outcome could have been much worse. Her dog should received a “Hero” award.”

“Also, good dog for faithfully protecting the woman. Dogs are the best,” another user wrote.

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