Funny Moment Where Two Labradors Steal Bread Gets Caught On Camera

It looks like two black Labradors are going to the naughty list this year! The two mischievous pooch were caught on camera stealing bread at a village in north Herefordshire, England.

The Daily Mail reports that the shoplifting duo were caught on camera strolling at a gas station named Griffiths Garage on the morning of Tuesday, May 21.

Griffiths Garage posted the CCTV footage with the caption, “Have you ever seen two labradors doing a spot of light shoplifting?”

In the footage, one of the Labradors can be seen sniffing through items on the aisles.

Meanwhile, the other is seen running off with a loaf of bread in its mouth before going back to sniff a bag of dog food. Ultimately, the mischievous pooch chooses the bread and scampers off.

The gas station then posted on Facebook appealing to the public to help find the owner of the ‘shoplifters’.

“This is the best thing to happen at the citadel of rural retail since a piglet escaped from the butchers and took refuge up Mill Lane, so no rush,” the gas station wrote.

Store manager Alan Link tells The Daily Mail, “It was only when one of them came running around the corner and towards the till with a loaf of bread in his mouth we thought ‘what’s going on here?’.”

“We had to retrieve the bread and then restrained them both around the back of the store before we took to Facebook to try and track down who they belonged to,” he continues.

Thankfully, the store found the owner of the cheeky dogs and they were safely reunited with him.

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Link reveals that the dogs’ owner was very apologetic about the whole encounter but made light of the situation.

Link recounts, “He jokingly told them off and said ‘I told you to get a bottle of wine, not a loaf of bread’.”

Griffiths Garage later thanked everyone for their help in reuniting the partners in crime with their owner.

“Today is the day! The lovable duo who broke out this morning have been suitably rehabilitated and returned safely home now. Thanks for your help everyone.”

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