Golden Retriever Becomes His Pawrents Wedding Ring Bearer And Steals The Show

A Golden Retriever named “Pancakes” stole the show when he showed up at his paw-rents’ wedding as their ring bearer in April in Liverpool, England.

The story went viral after the groom’s uncle took a video of Pancakes fulfilling his mission as a ring bearer, adorably and enthusiastically, might we add.

In the video, the officiant can be seen asking, “Who has the rings?”, and as if on cue, Pancakes runs down the aisle, with his tail wagging, and a crowd telling him that he’s a good boy.

Of course, Pancakes made sure to dress up for the occasion and was wearing a black, tuxedo-like jacket.

The guests were also seen in the video helping Pancakes by guiding him and pointing at the direction of the altar, to the bride and groom.

The goodest boi couldn’t hide his enthusiasm until the very end of his mission, as the bride seems to have had a hard time trying to get the rings out of Pancakes’ jacket.

The video is now viral (rightfully so) and Internet users were in absolute aww of Pancakes (as we all should be!)

Many users couldn’t get enough of Pancakes’ cuteness with one even calling the pooch her “fave ring bearer of them all”.

Some users also went to say that dogs should always be included in weddings because they make everything adorable. One user said, “My kind of wedding 👏 absolutely adorable ❤️”.

“My dog was one of two bridesmaids (I was the other one) at my parents’ wedding two years ago and I can confirm dogs should always be included in weddings,” another one wrote.

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Meanwhile, some users are sharing how their dogs would never be able to pull off what Pancakes did at the wedding. One user quipped, “My dog is peeing on the first bench he finds”.

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