Kitten Born Outside and Facing the Odds Has So Much Fight in Him and Deep Love for Other Cats

A kitten born outside and facing the odds has so much fight in him and a deep love for other cats.

cute tiny kitten pawsKurv the kittenChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

A tiny tabby was born outside with malformed front legs. Later, he was left behind by his mother but managed to survive on very little food.

With his front legs splayed to the sides, he couldn’t walk properly but showed incredible resolve, using every bit of his strength to live. Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a cat rescue, took him in when no one else could.

“Without a mother, he tried to feed himself. Even though he struggled to hold his head up, his determination to live never wavered,” Celine of the rescue shared.

kitten stray front legsHis front legs are splayed to the sidesChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

At five weeks old, Kurv, the kitten, weighed just 300 grams, half the size he should have been. “He has Swimmer’s Syndrome, which causes his front legs to splay out to the sides and curve outward like fins.”

“Though he can’t stand on them, he manages to move by using his hind legs to push himself backward or wiggling his body to get around as best he can.”

kitten paws tinyHe was left behind by his mother but managed to survive on very little foodChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Kurv arrived at his foster home with a renewed zest for life. He demanded having company during mealtime, and with round-the-clock bottle feeding, he began to gain weight and energy.

“Early physical therapy can significantly improve his condition as he builds muscle and repositions his legs.”

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tabby kitten burritoHe was only half the size for his ageChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Despite his tiny size, Kurv was vocal and opinionated, never shy about making his presence known. Through play, he strengthened his limbs, and with plenty of love and encouragement, he gradually started using his front legs more effectively.

After gaining 100 grams, Kurv faced yet another challenge.

kitten bottle sweetChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

A sudden drop in his body temperature sent him to the emergency room. Despite his decline, the resilient tabby refused to give up. He remained receptive to care from the veterinary team and bravely took everything in stride.

“He’s a true warrior. In 24 hours, his condition stabilized. He started eating on his own again and regained his strength.”

kitten hospital tinyKurv is a warrior kittyChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Before long, Kurv was back to his daily exercises and favorite games. “Playing while he’s on his back encourages him to use his front legs, and the ‘wheelbarrow’ technique helps him engage his front paws.”

“He’s starting to get the hang of it, and seeing him take his first steps was truly inspiring.”

kitten learns walkHe is strengthening his front paws through exercisesChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

While everyone at the rescue was cheering for Kurv, a few older fosters came to offer their love and support. It was then they discovered his deep affection for other cats as he nuzzled into them for comfort and warmth.

kitten cat friendsKurv adores other catsChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Kurv happily shares his toys, beds, and blankets with his feline friends, taking long naps alongside them and basking in their warmth and affection.

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kitten cat snugglesHe shares his toys, beds, and blankets with themChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

With the support of the community, Kurv received the care he needed to survive. Now, he’s thriving, surrounded by loving humans and feline companions.

His big personality is shining through.

tabby kitten pawsChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Kurv never let anything stand in the way of living his life. He continues to forge ahead with determination and a belief that he can overcome any challenge through sheer willpower.

tiny kitten blanketChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

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