Kitten from Industrial Site Reveals Herself to Be a Cat with Bold Attitude, Charm that Could Light Up a Room

A tiny kitten from an industrial site revealed herself to be a cat with a bold attitude and charisma that could light up a room.

dilute calico kitten cuteClara BowFoster the Furbabies

A dilute calico was spotted amidst the grit of an industrial building site. An independent rescuer took her in and noticed she needed bottle feeding.

She reached out to Gab Cirucci, co-founder of Foster the Furbabies, who swiftly arranged for the kitten to receive round-the-clock care. “When I got her, she was super feisty. She was about four weeks old but weighed as much as a 2-week-old kitten,” Gab shared with Love Meow.

The kitten, lovingly named Clara Bow, arrived with a hungry wail, but her appetite turned out to be as tiny as a mouse’s.

kitten calico purritoShe was found at an industrial building siteFoster the Furbabies

Underweight and struggling to eat, Clara needed all the support she could get to grow and thrive.

For the first few days, she showed little interest in her food, leaving her foster mom constantly worried. “She was also being super finicky. I had to slowly and carefully syringe-feed her the proper amount of formula at each feeding.”

dilute calico kitten purritoFoster the Furbabies

The little calico kept her foster mom on her toes, yet she confidently toddled around on her fluffy blanket, full of spirit and charm.

When Gab switched to a different brand of formula that suited the kitten’s taste, her appetite finally improved, bringing her foster mom much-needed relief.

happy sleeping calico kittenFoster the Furbabies

“That’s when I knew she was going to be okay. I am very hopeful that she is going to continue to grow big and strong.” With her steady progress, Clara is expected to join one of the rescue’s kitten clowders within a couple of weeks.

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Despite her small stature, it was her bold and feisty attitude that carried her through.

sweet dilute calico kittenFoster the Furbabies

“Her will to live has been amazing. She wasn’t in the worst condition, but her weight made me really nervous the first few days. She might not have wanted to eat during that time, but she let me help her with syringe feeding and didn’t try to resist too much.”

Once Clara started gaining weight, her vibrant and larger-than-life personality came to the forefront. “She is going to be trouble with a capital T.”

calico kitten big attitudeFoster the Furbabies

She struts around with her tail held high, puffing up her fur to appear big and strong. She has mastered the art of supervising her people, observing them with keen curiosity and never missing a moment of the action.

Although she remains petite, her fearless demeanor makes her seem much larger than she is.

happy calico kitten pawsFoster the Furbabies

“Clara has a big personality and is extremely sassy for a tiny kitten. Her facial expressions are too funny, and she is learning how to use all of her sounds – meowing, of course, but also ‘spitting’ at toys when she’s playing. It is so adorable.”

When she ventures onto the big couch with her foster mom, away from her usual playpen, she zips around, asserting her presence and claiming every inch of space she explores.

happy calico kitten couchFoster the Furbabies

“She especially likes to run up to my dogs to play with them. I can’t wait until her quarantine period is done so I can introduce her to some kitty friends – I know she will love to play with them.”

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dilute calico yawn stretchingFoster the Furbabies

Lucy, the gentle canine resident, adores the little calico’s company. She lets the kitten climb all over her, play with her floppy ears and tail, and even practice her wrestling moves on her big paws.

Surrounded by love and gentle care, Clara is thriving and growing beautifully.

calico kitten big dog pawsClara and LucyFoster the Furbabies

At just five weeks old, she’s already commanding the space, lighting up the room with her lively spirit and irresistible charm.

“She’s slowly becoming the little chunky girl that she should be.”

calico kitten hugs handFoster the Furbabies

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