Owner Gets A Heartwarming Reunion With Her Dog Who Went Missing For 2 years

An Indiana woman is extremely delighted after being reunited with her emotional support dog who had been missing for two years.

The owner and pooch were reunited on Friday, May 31 after the owner, Samantha Powers, got a call from Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control (FWACC) telling her that they had her dog, named Loki.

Barbara Powers, Samantha’s mother, said that her daughter “lost it” when she received the phone call from FWACC.

Samantha tells WPTA that a friend was supposed to be watching her dog, named Loki, while she was away, but he got out.

She said, “I kind of lost hope after a while.”

“Loki got loose from the person who was caring for him as their own and was brought to our shelter to be scanned for a microchip,” FWACC wrote in a post. “It is like music to our ears when we hear our microchip scanner beep..Loki had a chip!”

Samantha said that Loki’s microchip was a lifesaver and encouraged people to get their pets microchipped. “Without that, I wouldn’t have gotten my boy back,” she said.

Barbara also encouraged the same thing, saying, “I think everybody and anybody that has any kind of animal – whether it’s indoors or outdoors, no matter what it is – microchip your puppies, your cats, your rats, your bird.”

In the video of their reunion, both Samantha and Loki were overjoyed to see and be with each other again.

The reunion quickly became emotional and heartwarming when Loki hugged Samantha, prompting the latter to burst into tears.

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Samantha reveals that wherever Loki had been for the past two years, he was well taken care of. And now that he’s finally back home, the pooch is adjusting to being back.

Barbara said it was evident how happy her daughter was after getting Loki back.

“My baby got her animal back,” Barbara Powers said. “Animals aren’t just animals. They’re part of your family.”

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