Residents Found Three Cats Caring for Kittens in a Box in the Hallway and Knew They Had to Help

Residents found three cats caring for two kittens in a box in the hallway and knew they had to help.

sleeping kittens armsEllen Richter

One early Saturday morning, Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions received a call from a concerned resident of an apartment building.

Several residents discovered a large cardboard box left in the hallway. They opened it to find a mother cat, her two 6-week-old kittens, and two younger cats, which they believed were all related.

The five looked scared and lost, huddled together in the box. The mother cat was nervous at first, but a few head scratches calmed and reassured her.

box cats kittensThree cats and two kittens were found in a box left in the hallwayHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

While searching for a foster home, the kind people set them up with a temporary shelter. “Courtney and her friends, who live there, secured them in her garage, providing food, water, and a litter box,” Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions shared.

That night, the three cats curled up in a pile with the kittens cradled in the middle. The mother nursed the little ones while her siblings cleaned them and showered them with love.

cats and kittens huddledCadberry and Cinnabunny, the two young cats, babysat the kittens for the mother catEllen Richter

The cats warmed up to their finders and accepted plenty of cuddles from them. The kittens felt so relaxed that they dozed off whenever they were held.

The next day, Ellen Richter, an experienced fosterer, opened her home to the family of five. With a full spread of food, the kittens started mimicking their mom, learning to eat independently.

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sleeping kitten handEllen Richter

Lilianna, the mother cat, blossomed into her true self in foster care. “She’s sweet, affectionate, and very loving. The more she feels comfortable with me, the more she wants to lay in my lap and snuggle,” Ellen shared.

With Ellen looking after the kittens, Lilianna and her siblings, Cadberry and Cinnabunny, began focusing on their needs and rediscovering the simple joys of life.

cats snugglingCinnabunny and Mama LiliannaEllen Richter

“She’s over the whole ‘mama’ thing,” Ellen said. “Cadberry (gray) is extremely affectionate and loving. All he wants to do is cuddle and snuggle.”

Chickadee and Bunny Boop, the youngest two, entered the boisterous kitten phase, pouncing on each other, tumbling and tussling, and scampering around the room like tiny tornadoes.

gray cat beautifulCadberryEllen Richter

When they tired out, they enjoyed a good cuddle session on their foster mom’s lap.

Knowing the kittens were in capable hands, Lilianna happily retired from motherhood. She and her siblings quickly found their forever homes where they would be cherished and spoiled endlessly.

kittens best friendsChickadee and Bunny BoopEllen Richter

At eight weeks old, Bunny Boop reached the 2-pound mark, while Chickadee was a few ounces behind. They craved attention as much as they loved food, with ravenous appetites for both.

Bunny Boop, the bigger of the two, was a ball of unbridled energy, keeping his brother on his toes with his antics.

playful kitten cuteBunny Boop is a ball of energyEllen Richter

“Chickadee is a bit more mellow, and Bunny Boop is the life of the party.”

When they were big enough for adoption at ten weeks old, they met a lovely couple who fell head over heels for both of them.

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tabby kitten stretchingChickadee loves a good stretchEllen Richter

The feline brothers went to their new home that day. Together, they claimed every inch of their kingdom. In no time, they began napping on their humans, clinging to them like velcro.

kittens snuggling neckThey were adopted togetherHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

The kittens, now Luffy and Benjamin, adore their new life as spoiled young cats. The family of five have all found their happily ever after.

kittens clinging to peopleHomeward Bound Cat Adoptions

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