Stray Cat Finds Hope Again Because of a Young Neighbor, Now He Can’t Get Enough Love

A stray cat found hope again because of a young neighbor. Now, he can’t get enough love.

cat cross eyed happyLucianoPaws of Hope NYC

An orange cross-eyed cat was seen hanging around an apartment building, eager for attention and a kind hand to offer a gentle scratch.

Many people passed him by until he met a mother and daughter who stopped to give him a petting session. “The finder said this friendly furball loves attention and never turns down a cuddle, especially from her young daughter,” Gissell, founder of Paws of Hope NYC, shared with Love Meow.

“Every day, he would patiently wait outside her building, his eyes lighting up the moment he caught sight of her.”

stray cat friendly cross-eyedHe was seen hanging around an apartment buildingPaws of Hope NYC

The cat named Luciano was one of the many forgotten animals on the streets of NYC. Rescuers find it increasingly challenging to keep up with the soaring rate of cat abandonment.

“In a world of uncertainty and danger, this little girl and her mom became his lifeline, offering him a renewed sense of hope and security.”

stray cat cross-eyedHe befriended a young neighbor and her motherPaws of Hope NYC

When Luciano saw his favorite young neighbor, he ran across the yard to greet her. He rubbed his face against her hand and brushed against her legs. He received food and plenty of pets from her – always the highlight of his day.

“Her love, empathy, and compassion showed him that there is goodness in the world and that he is deserving of care and affection.”

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stray cat friendlyHe waited outside their building to hang out with them every dayPaws of Hope NYC

The mother and daughter couldn’t take him home but were doing everything in their power to help him. The mother reached out on social media, hoping to get the deserving boy into a loving home or placement with a rescue organization.

When Gissell came across the post, she leaped into action. She connected with the finder, went to the neighborhood the next day, and brought the friendly cat to safety.

stray cat home safeLuciano is safePaws of Hope NYC

She arranged for a foster home to care for the sweet kitty and rallied support from the community to ensure he would never have to worry about food and shelter from here on out.

“He remains as sweet and charming as ever. Knowing he’s safe and seeing him so relaxed and playing with toys makes me so happy.”

friendly cat happyHe is so happy to be insidePaws of Hope NYC

Luciano quickly settled into his new foster home. He plopped down on the clean floor, watched feline entertainment out the window, and rolled around in bed, basking in the softness of the comforter.

He is thrilled to be inside, living the VIP life. With a whole place to zoom around in, Luciano has been enjoying his newfound freedom. “He can stretch his legs and explore freely.”

cat window cross-eyedHe’s thriving in his foster homePaws of Hope NYC

While they are working to address his out-of-the-litter-box antics and provide him with the support he needs, Luciano remains the happiest, most affectionate lap kitty.

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He practices wrestling prowess with a toy alpaca, craves the company of his people, and desires to be the center of attention everywhere he graces.

cat crossed eye snugglyLuciano and his alpacaPaws of Hope NYC

After roaming the streets for some time, begging passers-by for love, Luciano’s hope has been restored thanks to the help of the young neighbor, her mother, and rescue volunteers.

cute cat cross-eyedHe has the cutest facePaws of Hope NYC

He’s blossomed into a handsome love bug with his charming cross-eyed gaze, melting every heart he touches.

happy white orange catPaws of Hope NYC

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