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5 Dog Walking Essentials On A Rainy Day

Young, old, big or small – all dogs need exercise to keep them active and mentally stimulated. And playing in the comfort of your home (or backyard) is sometimes, not enough.

Oftentimes, dog walking is what they need for an effective exercise. It doesn’t only provide mental simulation and physical exercise, but also a chance for you to train and socialize your pooch.

But what do you do when it starts raining? No need to worry! Your dog can still go on his or her walk in the rain safely with a few essentials.

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy In A Yellow Raincoat Sits At The Feet Of A Girl In Boots
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With the upcoming rainy season, it’s best to prepare your pooch for their walks, because they’re about to get wet!

Whether your furry friend loves or hates the rain, the five dog walking essentials we listed below will definitely get you through a rainy day walk!

Is It Safe For Dogs To Walk In The Rain?

Absolutely! While some dogs hate it, it is perfectly safe for our little furry friends to walk in the rain, as long as you take certain precautions.

Veterinarians and pet experts alike say that dog walking during rainy days is safe. The Head of Pets at Pets at Home and Veterinarian Dr. Karlien Heyrman explained to The Scotsman the safety of dog walking in the rain for all breeds and sizes. She said, “It’s actually important we make sure our pets are still getting their daily exercise, even in wet weather.”

However, pet parents should be mindful of how hard the rainfall can be and be well-informed about the precautions they should take in this situation.

5 Dog Walking Essentials On A Rainy Day

Walking your dog has a lot of benefits. But doing this on a rainy day can be a bit different, and at times, difficult.

With the five rainy day essentials listed below, dog walking for your little pooch will be as enjoyable, comfortable and safe on a rainy day as it is on a sunny day.

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1. Dog Raincoat

Chihuahua Dog In A Rain Coat OutdoorsChihuahua Dog In A Rain Coat Outdoors
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A dog raincoat doesn’t only make your pooch extremely cute, but also keeps them dry and safe on a rainy day walk.

Especially for long-haired dogs, such as Samoyeds or Pomeranians, raincoats can keep their hair dry, and therefore prevent fur matting and knotting. And for short-haired dogs, such as Pugs and Dalmatians, raincoats can keep them warm on chilly and rainy days.

Furthermore, young and older dogs can also benefit from raincoats. This is because they can have a weak immune system and can easily catch a cold if they get wet from the rain.

Here are a few raincoat recommendations from Amazon that you’ll love!

2. Dog Boots

Dog boots are a rainy day essential for dog walking you can’t miss, especially if you have an active furry friend. Not only will they keep your dog’s paw clean and out of harm’s way, but they’ll also keep your dog safe from puddles that may be contaminated with toxins or bacteria.

Dog boots are also a great idea for when you go hiking with your dogs. They can help your pooch get through rocks safely.

Furthermore, older dogs can also benefit from dog boots since they tend to drag their feet more than younger dogs, which in turn makes their paw pads more prone to scratches.

If you’re looking for the best dog boots, then check these out:

3. Waterproof Leash

Lady With A Big Yellow Umbrella Walking Her Dog Wearing A Raincoat In A ParkLady With A Big Yellow Umbrella Walking Her Dog Wearing A Raincoat In A Park
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Waterproof leashes are your best friend on a rainy day. You can still maintain the grip on this type of leash even when it’s wet from the rain.

These waterproof leashes also do not get that musty odor you get from traditional leashes when they get wet. Furthermore, they are resistant to mold, which also grows more easily on a traditional, wet leash.

Furthermore, waterproof leashes can also be useful if your pooch loves splashing in the ocean, lake or pool! You don’t have to worry about the drying the leash before you can use it again.

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Here are our waterproof leash recommendations on Amazon:

4. Reflective Harness

Dog walking on a rainy day can be uncomfortable for some dogs. And not to mention, the low visibility during the wet weather, which can be dangerous for our furry friends.

So it’s best to make your pooch as comfortable and seen as possible. And instead of the traditional collar, a reflective harness is a much better option for dog walking on a rainy day.

This will help your pooch stand out and be extremely visible, no matter the light conditions. Not to mention, they are more comfortable than collars.

Check out these great reflective harness options on Amazon:

5. Absorbent Towel

Woman Using A Ultra Absorbent Towel To Dry Her DogWoman Using A Ultra Absorbent Towel To Dry Her Dog
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On a rainy day, you can never be too sure that your pooch will stay dry. So, on the off chance that your dog will get wet, an absorbent towel becomes handy.

An absorbent towel helps absorb as much moisture as possible on a dog’s coat. And it can soak up about two to four times as much water than a regular towel.

So, after dog walking, it’s best to give your dog’s body a nice little rub using this towel as soon as possible. This will help dry your pooch sooner. And you don’t have to deal with a dog that shakes off all the dirty and muddy water from their fur at home.

If you’re looking to buy an absorbent towel for your furry friend, you can check these out!

Tips For Safe Dog Walking On A Rainy Day

Even if it’s a light drizzle, it’s always better to take all extra precautions you can while dog walking on a rainy day.

So, in addition to the essentials mentioned above, here are tips for a rainy day walk that’ll keep your dog safe and comfortable.

  1. Keep the dog walk short. Keeping the duration of your walk shorter than normal is perfectly understandable, given the weather conditions. Shortening the time of your pooch’s walk during a rainy day will actually help limit the amount of problems they are exposed to.
  2. When necessary, take an alternate route. In addition to the above mentioned tip, it’s best to look for another route that is less wet and will make the walk as short as possible.
  3. Watch out for puddles. On a rainy day of dog walking, puddles are inevitable. And they may be fun to splash in, both for hoomans and doggos. But unfortunately, they’re not safe for our furry friends, especially large puddles. You’re not sure what kind of sharp, dangerous things are below the surface.
  4. Do NOT let your dog drink rainwater. Rainwater is full of dirt and bacteria and is not safe for drinking. So, be more alert and don’t let your dog drink it.
  5. Dry your dog thoroughly. While your dog may shake the water off of its fur, it’s always best to dry them thoroughly when they get home after walking. Aside from the absorbent towel we mentioned above, you can also use a hairdryer to ensure your dog’s whole body is dry.
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Dog Walking In The Park With OwnerDog Walking In The Park With Owner
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Your dog’s safety on a walk should be one of your top priority, especially during the rainy season. And we hope that the essential items and tips we offered above will help make dog walking on a rainy day a little bit easier for you and your pooch.

However, if you see that your dog is visibly afraid or stressed to even set foot outside while it’s raining, then it’s best to wait it out. If they’re too anxious to walk in the rain, this can compromise their safety.

Furthermore, if it’s raining too hard, you can always cancel the walk and engage your dog in other fun indoor activities for the day so they still get their regular exercise.

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