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Build Your Cat A Dream Home

Cardboard boxes hold some sort of magical sway over cats. If you live with a cat, this is a mystery you’ve surely watched unfold many times. An empty box is placed, a cat is shown, and the next thing you know, your kitty darling is deep in the enchantment of box fun.

And knowing how much cats love boxes, Samsung has created a sweet setup for cat parent and cat.

The boxes for the company’s high-end television line, namely The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero, comes with a dot matrix pattern perforated into the “eco-friendly corrugated cardboard.” By scanning one of the QR codes on the boxes, you’ll reveal the patterns for a magazine rack, table, and the most purrfect…a cat house!


Samsung has proven themselves genius as humans and cats alike will find hours of entertainment from product and packaging.

But if it’s not time for a new television and you happen to have some boxes lying around, the internet has you covered.

All You Need is a Cardboard Box, Scissors, and Some Imagination

While cats are content with a cardboard box in its existing shape, your kitty is special and they deserve a palace of cardboard. So grab some supplies, your furry pal, and get crafting!

Follow Honest Kitchen’s 10-step guide on building a cat castle and give your feline Queen a corrugated home worthy of her furry highness.

If your cat is more about a yurt or igloo-style house, check out this intricate pattern and tutorial from


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Martha Stewart also offers a detailed how-to on making a cat playhouse. And in true Martha fashion, plain cardboard becomes an exquisite home for your cat.

Or, just get crafty and let your creativity run wild like your cat! If you decide to go your own route, remember these tips on building a cardboard box house for kitty dear:

  • Use cat-friendly materials, like non-toxic glue and paint
  • Practice caution when it comes to box cutters and scissors, watch your paws and kitty dear’s while cutting
  • Check stability to avoid injuries before unleashing the cat on the cardboard

Once your contraption is made, sprinkle the house with catnip and enjoy the move-in magic! Your cat will have a blast in their new slice of paradise.

Just like these silly cats enjoying their cardboard box forts…


Lucky Kitty Love/Facebook


Some cats, like Miss Poppet, design their own special box set-up…

Exclusive Cat/Facebook

No matter the shape, no matter the build, cardboard boxes are magical spots in the eyes of a kitty cat!

Feature Image: @samsungtv/Instagram & lindarose92/

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