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Tip of the Week: Scrub Those Buckets!

Throughout winter we do our best to keep things clean and tidy. But, it can be difficult to thoroughly wash items when the cold weather abounds. As we relish in the spring weather that is ushering in longer days and warmer weather, now is a good time for some elbow grease. Feed and water buckets can get grimy, dirty, and covered with caked on saliva and feed. Rinsing out buckets is a quick way to get a fast clean. However, spring is a great time to scrub those buckets out completely.

Clean buckets can encourage water consumption. Petra Fischer/

The Why: Cleaning out buckets not only removes grime and debris that can attract flies and pests in warm months, it’s just plain healthier for your horse. Doing a thorough clean on feed and water buckets can help prevent disease and sickness, encourage your horse to drink more, and clean buckets are just more visually appealing in your barn.

Tip: Use a stiff bristle brush to really scrub off caked on grime, or a heavy duty sponge meant for washing dishes. An (unused!) scrub brush can be a great option to scrape out buckets, and hit all the corners. Avoid soaps and products that can be toxic to horses if not washed off thoroughly. Opt for a mild soap or natural products. Be sure to rinse buckets thoroughly to avoid smells or tastes that will deter your horse from drinking.

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