6 Degrees of Cats: A Feline-themed Culture, History and Science Podcast

Introducing the worlds #1 (and only) cat-themed culture, history and science podcast. Across each nine-episode season (episodes released fortnightly), host and lifelong cat custodian Amanda B. explores intriguing connections between cats and various aspects of human culture.

In each episode Amanda B. consults with a diversity of guest experts from across the world on many surprising questions in purr-suit of how – and why – cats have influenced our history and culture.

Amanda tackles questions like:

  • How did cats transition from being revered as deities in ancient Egypt to being associated with Satan in medieval Europe??
  • Why do serial killers and despots hate cats?
  • When did cats get into jazz?
  • And how the heck does all of this random cat stuff connect to us in the here and now?

Listeners have described 6 Degrees of Cats as “educational, thought-provoking, meditative AND fun” and praise Amanda B.’s writing and hosting as “…not only informative but highly engaging and entertaining“.

We’d describe it as “An essential podcast for every cat enthusiast!”

Now wrapping up its second season, the highly anticipated season 2 finale was released yesterday, Tuesday, April 16, 2024 and is titled: “Our Feline Fictive Kin: The Case to Count Cats as Family.

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This specific episode deconstructs the concept of the nuclear American family through a family sciences and history lens, and explores contemporary understandings of family relationships including fictive kin, chosen family and genetic relations.

Joining host Amanda B. in this dynamic evidence-informed discussion are a family sciences scholar, a family therapist and an actor/host/producer. “This episode was very personal to me. As my listeners have known, I’m a transracial, transnational adoptee and my own family story does not align with the quote-unquote nuclear family,” said Amanda. “So I’m excited to validate the experiences of all kinds of families – and embrace the promotion of cats from ‘pet’ to ‘family member’ in a fun, fact-filled way.

Launched in the Fall of 2023, Season 2 of 6 Degrees of Cats boasts an international lineup of leading voices in fields such as animal welfare, music, history, religion, and even pizza. A few of the notable guests this season have included “My Cat From Hell” star Jackson Galaxy, global rock sensation Malina Moye, and rock journalist and writer Holly George-Warren.

Got your curiosity piqued?

All episodes are available on major podcast platforms and YouTube. Listeners are encouraged to download 6 Degrees of Cats on their preferred podcast platform and also to subscribe to the companion newsletter, “The Captain’s Log,” for exclusive bonus content and opportunities.

For more information, please visit 6 Degrees of Cats and follow @6degreesofcats on mainstream social media platforms.

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Amanda B. is the writer, host and producer of the 6 Degrees of Cats podcast and is based in Brooklyn, New York. She leverages her background in research, mental health advocacy, professional development and trauma-informed violence prevention to thoughtfully connect topics as disparate as sainthood, Vikings and Valentine’s Day to the world’s most populous domesticated pet (…or are they?).

Amanda has consulted as an education and community programmer for clients such as The Podcast Academy and Strength is M.I.N.E and volunteers as sexuality and relationships expert on free youth mental health app OkaySo. Amanda is also a musician – she leads NYC-based rock ‘n’ roll band, Leathered and has supported major recording artists as a guitarist on international stages. Of note, her cats Binky and Snuggles do not appreciate her impromptu serenades.

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