All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow Review 2024: An Expert Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give the All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5

Image Reproduction: 4.8/5

Comfort: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Value: 5/5

As a dog mom, I always have my pup in mind when it comes to decorating. Having various memorabilia and reproductions of her adorable face is a common theme in my home! A pillow is definitely on the list of things I need my dog’s face on. A pillow is something I can travel with and remember my sweet pup no matter where in the world I am.

However, finding a good quality pillow isn’t always the easiest thing. Not all companies are able to reproduce photographs well, and not all pillows are soft and comfortable. All About Vibe takes this desire to a whole new level by offering custom-shaped pillows rather than just slapping a photo on a square. This makes each pillow one-of-a-kind and created just for you.

Many of my pet-parent friends share the same sentiment, so a unique gift like this is equally on the agenda for birthdays and holidays!

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About All About Vibe

All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow - close up of the custom pillow

Originally called LifeLike Pillows, All About Vibe began in 2016 with a specialty in unique custom pillows. Wanting to bring joy to others, the co-founders put a lot of hard work into crafting a magnificent company that is able to offer memories in the form of a photo pillow. True pet lovers, the All About Vibe office even features a few critters of their own – including Molly the cockatoo, Zoe the French bulldog, Jackie the chamaeleon, and Ash the Scottish fold!

The company has taken the concept of joy and memory even further by partnering with numerous charities, such as Save the Children, Toys for Tots, the Family House, and the Make a Wish Foundation, to bring happiness to those in need.

All About Vibe prides itself on being made in the USA, with each order custom-done by their skilled staff. All the products start as raw materials and are structured based on the photograph you provide, so the quality is top-tier. There is a lot of confidence and admiration for their products, as each pillow comes with the best warranty I have ever seen – a genuine, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow - preview of the custom design

These pillows are unlike others in the market, predominantly because they are custom-shaped to your photograph!


The price ranges from $15 to $80, depending on the size selected.

This makes their pillows more expensive (on average) than those of many standard competitors, but unlike those of other companies in the industry, these pillows are not square or rectangular. They are custom-shaped! The price feels more justified as a result of this fact.

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The sizes offered are:

  • Keychain 4”
  • Ornament 4”
  • Mini 10”
  • Small 16”
  • Medium 22”
  • Large 30”

Make note that the above are approximate sizes, as the pillows are cut and shaped based on the image you want reproduced.

All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow - custom pillow on sofa


All of the pillows are made of ultra-soft velvet polyester fabric. They are soft and well-stuffed, squishy and comfortable!

The pillow is machine-washable; just be sure to use a cold cycle to preserve the vibrant colors.

Image Reproduction

The background is extracted and your pet is set on white. Images are reproduced on both sides of the pillow. For quality, clear images, the reproduction is top-notch! The colors are vibrant and beautiful, and your pet is nice and sharp!

The best photographs to use are those that show your pet’s whole body, whether they are sitting, standing, or lying down! That’s because the way the pillow is custom-cut per photograph, it makes more sense to see your pet’s legs and cute paws.

However, images of all-white animals where there is only subtle detail in the coat have a bit of a more challenging time being reproduced (I noticed this in my primarily white dog, but more on this when I talk about my personal experience). This being said the pillow is stunning, and it’s not a deal breaker at all – printers can only do as much as they can!

All about vibe pillow side by side


The pillows are made in Chicago, Illinois, and take about three to five business days to make. Shipping rates range from $5.95 for standard shipping, $14.95 for priority shipping, and $39.95 for expedited shipping.

Warranty and Guarantee

All of the pillows come with a lifetime guarantee! This means that if your pet damages the pillow, All About Vibe will send you a replacement.

If you’re unhappy with the pillow for any reason, All About Vibe has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so they will work with you diligently to ensure you love your pillow.

In Summary


  • Custom-shaped one-of-a-kind pillows
  • You can use any image you want
  • Various sizes available
  • Retouching included
  • High-quality material that is soft and comfortable
  • Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Simple to order
  • Quick turn-around and shipping


  • Pillows are always set on white; there are no color options
  • Not all images can be reproduced perfectly, as it depends on the quality of your photo

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Key Features

All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow - close up of the pillow

Fully Custom

The pillow is truly a custom process – all pillows start from raw materials and are hand-done in the USA to match the photo uploaded. The pillow is shaped based on the submitted photograph, so unless two people submit the same image, each product is unique!

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I cannot stress how fantastic this is, as you aren’t stuck with a standard square or rectangle shape anymore. This also makes the pillows so much more huggable.


The pillow feels super soft, squishy, and brilliantly made. The material (velvet polyester) is great, and the image quality is very high. The pillows are also relatively durable and can be machine-washed easily.

It’s not too easy to print an image onto fabric like that, and All About Vibe has figured out a great way to do it.

Various Sizes Available

There are six options in sizes available, with custom sizes possible if you reach out to customer service. Of the six sizes, this makes excellent gift or decor options for any room.

Reproduce Any Photograph

You can have any photograph you love turned into a pillow – whether it’s a cell phone snap or something from a professional camera. This opens the door to endless possibilities.

Retouching Included

Retouching is included (within reason, of course!) – you can leave notes when ordering on what you want to be removed. Common requests include removing leashes, collars, and stuff like that! So you don’t need to worry about a pesky eyesore in your favorite photo.

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Is the Custom Shape Pillow a Good Value?

Priced at $15 for the 4” keychain or ornament pillow all the way to $80 for the 30” pillow, some might consider the prices to be on the higher side in comparison to competitive companies. With free shipping not being an option, that might be another thorn for some people.

However, I will be completely honest with you: this is the highest quality pillow I have ever gotten from any custom company. It is beautiful, perfectly stuffed, and feels so soft. More importantly, however, is that my dog looks awesome on it. I would say it is worth the price, especially since I can already feel that this pillow will last a lifetime.

On that note, the lifetime guarantee also makes this pillow worth every penny. You can get a replacement should something happen to it! All of this makes this pillow an excellent value.

All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow - lorelei's custom pillow on sofa

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Can you make pillows in more sizes than offered on the website?

You can also make custom-size pillows – just reach out to customer service for a custom quote!

Can you have multiple pets in one photo for the pillow?


Is the pillow safe for pets?

These pillows are not toys, so your pets should not be chewing on them. However, they are not hazardous to pets!

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Our Experience With All About Vibe

My pup Lorelei is eight years old as of this January, and we have been inseparable for all of the years she’s been with me. This dog is my world, and so much of my home reflects that! I love my memorabilia with her, from photo prints to mugs.

I (surprisingly) did not yet have a pillow with her face on it, so I was very excited about what All About Vibe offers. Especially as I have a few weeks of work trips coming up that my little one cannot come to, and this pillow might be something that helps the separation on my end a lot! The fact that the pillow is shaped based on my dog just makes it that much more special.

Creating the pillow is as easy as possible – just upload the photo (it must be JPG or PNG, but that’s pretty common!), add editing notes (I asked for the leash to be removed), and then select the size. There is a mock-up that shows an approximation of what the image will look like, but since I wanted the leash taken out, it wasn’t too accurate – but I trusted the process!

When my pillow arrived, I was blown away. The pillow was shaped so beautifully, matching my dog’s perky ears! Honestly, that is probably my favorite part, as those ears are the most prominent characteristic. The fabric is so soft, velvety, and luscious; it feels very high quality. The stuffing was also the perfect amount, not too firm but not too soft that the pillow would lose its shape. The seams are excellently done as well; I can truly feel the quality that was put into this product.

My only (minor) comment is that because the pillow can only be done on white, my dog got lost in the image a little bit – there was a lack of contrast, which I think those with white dogs should be mindful of. We lost a bit of detail in her coat in the reproduction. That being said, I am still absolutely obsessed with my pillow – this is probably my favorite pet-centric item I own now!

All About Vibe Custom Shape Pillow - lorelei sitting on the ground with the custom pillow

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From your own home decor to a fantastic gift for loved ones, the custom pillow from All About Vibe is a brilliant idea. Your beloved pet can forever be memorialized in a soft and comfortable pillow, which can be put in any room of the house or taken with you during travels. I can’t think of anything better!

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