Brondell Nebia Merced Handheld Showerhead Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

As a former groomer, I can attest to how much work it is to bathe a dog. And that’s when you have all the right equipment. When all you have is a shower and some doggy shampoo—that’s one chore few people look forward to!

If you’re after an easier way to bathe your dog without having to swap out one of your showers for a doggy bath, Brondell has a solution for you. Their new Nebia Merced 5-Setting Handshower with HaloNetic Double Docking System knows a whole tubload of tricks. It saves water, retains pressure, and has a unique magnetic double dock system that turns it from a luxurious showerhead to a functional handheld with the flip of a wrist.

I had the chance to try this showerhead out on myself and my two dogs. I’ve found a lot to love about it from both perspectives, but I’ve also noted some areas for improvement. Keep reading to see my full Brondell Nebia Merced showerhead review and to find out if this is the right showerhead for you and your dirty pup.

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About Brondell

DOG_SAPR_Brondell Dog Shower Head

Brondell is on a mission to create better home fixtures and appliances to help homeowners conserve resources while living cleaner and healthier lives. They specialize in shower fixtures, bidets, air purifiers, and water filtration systems—all with an emphasis on reducing water and energy use.

Where Are Brondell Products Manufactured?

Brondell is based out of San Francisco, California. Their manufacturing plant there makes many of the products they sell. It also services the products made in their South Korea facility. Some of Brondell’s bidet products are made in China.

Which Type of Pet Is the Brondel Nebia Merced Best For?

This elegant water-saving showerhead was made with people in mind, but it does double duty as a dog washer.

The long hose and multiple spray settings make this system a great option for washing dogs of all sizes and with all coat types. Any pet owner who struggles to get their dog to the groomer as often as needed (or who just wants to save on the expense) will appreciate what the Nebia Merced 5-Setting Handshower with HaloNetic Double Docking System has to offer.

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Nebia Merced Handshower Overview

DOG_SAPR_Brondell Dog Shower Head

Here is an overview of Brondell’s newest showerhead, the Nebia Merced 5-Setting Handshower with HaloNetic Double Docking System. This multi-talented showerhead has plenty to dive into. Below, we’ll look at the installation requirements, its different functions and settings, the water-saving features, and the ordering options.


Brondell brags that this showerhead is super easy to install. I can attest that they aren’t kidding about that.

The dock screws onto all standard showerhead arm fixtures. The grooved mounting nut is easy to tighten with just your fingers. And the small, lightweight dock is easy to get in place before attaching the showerhead.

Once the dock is installed, you have the option of using the magnetic dock or the cradle dock to secure the showerhead. The former option sets the showerhead lower than the ladder, making it super simple to customize the setup to fit your needs.

We were able to install our Nebia Merced in about ten minutes, and most of that time was spent trying to get the old showerhead off.

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What makes this Nebia Merced showerhead the best option for dog owners, is the magnetic docking system.

To switch from showerhead to handheld, all you have to do is gently pull the showerhead free of the magnetic hold. Unlike most handhelds that have to snap into place, this one takes almost no work at all to pop off. And, equally as important, it takes less than a second to secure it back in place.

This means it’s extra easy to convert this showerhead to a handheld to wash your dog. As a bonus, the handheld features a pause button that allows you to turn the water flow down to a trickle when you don’t need it on. This means less getting up and down to turn the water on and off as you soap and rinse your pup.


The showerhead itself has four different flow settings:

  • Hard Spray – This setting maximizes spray pressure and coverage for a wider spray with a powerful force. This is my favorite setting for everyday showering.
  • Power Spray – This setting has a similar look to the above option, but the spray is more focused and narrow, which gives it even more pressure. This spray option is great for getting through thick doggy coats.
  • Focused Spray – This one looks like your typical showerhead spray but is more focused and narrow with medium pressure. It’s a good option for cutting through thinner coats and for washing smaller dogs.
  • Angel Hair Spray – This spray has your typical shower spray look but at a much lower pressure which gives it a softer feel.

The large control tab and smooth-operating faceplate make it easy to switch between settings as often as you need.

DOG_SAPR_Brondell Dog Shower Head

Water Saving Features

The Nebia Merced 5-Setting Handshower uses 40% less water than the average showerhead. But at the same time, it puts out up to 75% more pressure than the average EPA WaterSense-certified showerhead. That means you get the best of both worlds: sustainability and an enjoyable, effective shower.

This 1.5-gallon-per-minute showerhead will help save you money whether you’re washing your dog or yourself. Not only does it use fewer gallons of water but it also saves on energy by lowering your hot water consumption.

Ordering Options

The Nebia Merced series showerheads are available in four finish colors:

  • Matte black
  • Chrome
  • Brushed nickel
  • Matte gold

While the hose is made of finished stainless steel, the showerhead and dock are made of plastic. The hose is 60 inches long and the showerhead face is 5.3 inches wide.

The total cost for this product varies based on which finish option you choose. The chrome color is the cheapest, the black and nickel options are slightly more, and the gold option is about twice as much as the others.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use magnetic dock
  • Reduces water use by 40%
  • 2 docking options
  • 4 spray settings
  • Features pause button for handheld use
  • Easy to install


  • Made of plastic
  • None of the spray settings are very wide
  • Fewer color choices than other Brondell products
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Key Features

DOG_SAPR_Brondell Dog Shower Head

Easy Magnetic Dock

The magnetic docking system on the Nebia Merced makes it easier than ever to transition from showerhead to handheld and back again. The head snaps right into place against the magnetic nook and takes only a little pressure to remove. This makes it super easy to use the handheld feature during dog baths where you’ll likely find yourself docking and undocking the showerhead multiple times.

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Brondell showerheads already offer quite a bit in terms of water savings. With this handheld, you get even more thanks to the built-in pause button.

When using the handheld for washing your dog (or yourself), you can easily stop the water flow by pressing this button. This means you don’t have to turn the water off at the handle just because it’s time to suds up. This is an especially great feature on showers that need to be dialed to the right temperature every time the water is turned off and on.

Long Hose

When it comes to bathing your dog, a handheld is only as effective as it is long. What I mean by this, of course, is that the hose needs to be long enough to reach not just the top of your dog, but to wash their belly as well.

With a five-foot-long hose, the Nebia Merced handheld has plenty of length to reach the ground in most shower setups. Thanks to this, I was able to easily wash my Chihuahua despite his short stature.

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Is the Nebia Merced Handheld Showerhead a Good Value?

DOG_SAPR_Brondell Dog

Handheld showerheads come in a wide range of prices. You can find just as many options in the $40 range as you can in the $120 range. This option from Brondell sits comfortably in the middle (with the expectation of the gold finish option).

The fact that these are made predominantly of plastic might explain why they’re a little more affordable than options with similar water-saving features and multiple settings and functions. Considering this, I’d say it’s a pretty good value.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the two docking options?

The holder for this showerhead features two docking options. The dock at the end has a magnet that connects to the magnet on the back of the showerhead. In the center of the holder, there is a more traditional cut-out dock that the base of the showerhead slides into.

Does the shower arm come with this set?

No, this set does not include the shower arm. Your Brondell Nebia Merced will install directly onto your existing arm. With this in mind, you’ll want to choose the color that best matches the shower arm you already have.

Does this showerhead come with a warranty?

Brondell offers a one-year limited warranty on most of their showerheads, including this one.

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Our Experience With Brondell Nebia Merced Handheld Showerhead

DOG_SAPR_Brondell Dog

I have been wanting to update my standard showerhead with a handheld ever since we first moved into our new house. Why? Because I have two dogs who prefer to bathe indoors.

In the summer, I will occasionally give my Dalmatian mix, Ragz, a bath outside. But even on the hottest of days, my Chihuahua, Papyrus, insists on warm water for all grooming activities.

When I heard Brondell was coming out with a new handheld with a ton of extra features that could be helpful during doggy baths, I jumped at the opportunity to get one.

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I was familiar with Brondell’s products and love how they’re so focused on sustainability while also having the elegant look of premiere showerheads.

All that excitement might be why I was a little let down with my first impression of the Nebia Merced 5-Setting Handshower with HaloNetic Double Docking System. Not only did they not have the color I wanted (dark bronze), but the showerhead was plastic, not metal like many of their models.

But much of my disappointment was eased with how simple it was to install this showerhead. Typically, I am the plumber of the family, but this showerhead was so easy to install, that my husband did it while I was busy thumbing through my unboxing pictures.

All it took was a little plumbers tape and hand tightening the nut onto the existing shower arm and this thing was ready to go.

In terms of a showerhead for my use, I am mostly satisfied with this model. The water savings it offers is awesome and I like the different settings. My only real complaint is that none of the spray settings have as wide a spray as the stationary showerhead we pulled out.

But the pressure is just as good on two of the Brondell settings. I don’t use the softer settings but my daughter does when she uses our shower and they are useful when washing the dogs.

While I would have preferred a wider spray on the showerhead for my own use, I was definitely impressed with how well it worked for doggy baths.

The hose is long enough to reach from the high mount on the wall down to the ground—a necessary feature when you have a very short dog. Having the different settings helped since my dogs have different coats and different pressure tolerances. And I loved being able to turn the water on and off without having to get up and mess with the water control.

I also really appreciate how easy it is to dock and undock the showerhead from the holder. I have had more than one handheld hit me in the head after I failed to completely secure it in the holder. With the magnet dock, this one is just as easy to pull off as it is to secure.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the purchase. I love how much it has saved us on our water bills just as much as I love how easy it has made it to wash our dogs, even during the winter!

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If you’ve been in the market for a handheld showerhead that’s just as useful for you as it is for your dogs, I recommend checking out Brondell’s Nebia Merced 5-Setting Handshower with HaloNetic Double Docking System.

This new shower system has a long hose, multiple spray settings, a pause button, and an easy magnetic dock to help make bathing your dog inside easier and more convenient than ever. And for the humans, it has plenty to offer as well, not least of which is its water-saving qualities paired with an impressive pressure output.

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