Crown & Paw Pet Portraits Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Crown & Paw Pet Portraits a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.9/5

Options: 4.8/5

Materials: 4.7/5

Value: 4.9/5

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits offer a variety of ways for you to frame your favorite image of your furry friends and memorialize them forever! I loved the idea of having framed paintings of my two dogs, Halle and Indy, hanging in my home. I chose to do Halle’s portrait first because she is a stunner and is sadly getting a little older, but I will definitely be ordering Indy’s portrait soon in the same modern style!

I love how Halle’s masterpiece turned out, how easy and quick the entire process was, and this brand’s affordability. Despite each piece being custom-designed, these works of art aren’t crazily priced and I believe they are a worthwhile investment.

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About Crown & Paw

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits - halle lying next to her portrait

Crown & Paw is a Houston-based custom pet goods brand that specializes in memorializing peoples’ furry friends in framed or canvas portraits or having their images printed on mugs, pillow cases, blankets, sweatshirts, or even phone cases. As if it wasn’t clear that this brand loves pets, they support Humane Society International (HSI) and the Best Friends Association through hefty donations. Their HSI funding works directly to end the on-going dog meat trade happening throughout Asia.

How It Works

Crown & Paw employs graphic designers who craft each pet portrait individually to ensure the artists capture the essence and personality of your pet. This is why there are so many styles to choose from, so it not only fits your home aesthetic but also the fun personality of your furry companion. Each design is first quality controlled by their in-house team to ensure perfection.

Crown & Paw allows you to choose the style of the portrait first. They have a lot of different style options, including Renaissance, watercolor, or putting your dog on a toilet or even in an Iron Man suit. I recommend falling down the rabbit hole of options, it is hilarious. I went with the “Modern Pet Portrait” for a simple and elegant look. I opted for a walnut frame and took Halle’s name off of her portrait. If you keep your pet’s name on the top of the portrait it will be all capitalized and typed in simple black font.

After choosing the style, I simply uploaded a photo of Halle by following their guidelines, which are listed online. Then, you get to approve the design yourself before it goes to print to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the portrait design. In a couple of days I was sent a proof, had one edit, and was sent another proof, which I approved.

Even after printing, there is another round of quality control to ensure there are no issues with the printing, color bleed, or ink.

Then it is packaged with minimal plastic usage to remain relatively eco-friendly but still protect your art and sent to you!

Not long after, I received the framed portrait. The portrait was extremely well-packaged and protected. The painting brought a smile to my face. It is a perfect likeness of my sweet Halle. Now it is hanging up in my reading room for all to admire!

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Crown & Paw Pet Portraits - halle's portrait without glass

These printed portraits are wonderful if you want a simple yet classic painting of your dog that looks just like any photo you would take of your dog. The entire experience of picking out a style, approving the design, and then finally getting your portrait is a really fun experience! Here is everything you oughta know:

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I am always super shocked at the prices of wall art whether it is framed or printed on canvas, or whether it is custom-made, or bought in a store or online. I feel like the prices are always extraordinarily high.

Crown & Paw is extremely affordable for a framed or canvas-printed painting in general but even more so when you consider that these works of art are custom-created for each and every customer.  The prices vary depending on the item (painting, mug, blanket, sweatshirt, framed portrait, canvas-printed portrait), the style would like the likeness drawn or painted in, and then the size of the portrait you want.

Photo Requirements

Crown & Paw’s in-house designers use the exact photo you upload as their inspiration. So make sure that the photo you upload is the exact picture you want because the portrait design you get will be an illustrated/ painted replica of that photo. Make sure you follow their photo guidelines listed online here. Also when you’re choosing a photo or taking a new photo, make sure there aren’t any factors in your chosen photo like sun, artificial lighting, or shade that are affecting the color of your pet’s fur or eyes. You want your pet portrait to be a true likeness of your pet, even if you’re throwing that likeness into a fun admiral jacket or sweater vest.

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits - portrait vs inspo

Variety of Styles

Take the time to look through all the different style options Crown & Paw offers. I chose to be classic and aesthetically pleasing with the Modern Pet Portrait style and I love it. It fits perfectly with my clean, minimalistic, but homey interior design preferences. But, the Renaissance styles have to be my second favorite style. The templates are to die for – great for a pet with a big and commanding personality. They would make a great gift for family members or friends who love their pets. The watercolor paintings are beautiful as well and could be a fun option for someone or whose pet is more whimsical, sweet, or gentle.

Timeline Expectations

Online it says that it will take 2-3 days after you place your order for a design proof that will require your approval before going to print. This is accurate. Make sure you check your email and approve that design or send in your edits. If you are providing edits you will receive an updated proof that you will then have to approve before your portrait goes to proof. I would recommend not having a strict time frame in mind for your portrait when you place your order. You want this art piece to be tailored perfectly to you, your home, and your pet. So don’t rush the process, be liberal with your edits, and ensure your ordered portrait is exactly how you want it.

In Summary

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Key Features

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits - halle's portrait on the table


I was really impressed with the quality of the print, the frame, the plastic covering and most importantly – the art itself! The painting looks just like Halle, although I do feel like they added wind flowing through her hair. This isn’t a complaint, I mean she looks like she’s sitting on a beach after a lengthy run and just enjoying the sun and the breeze. She looks peaceful, beautiful, and exactly as she does in person.


Again, just the number of available options that Crown & Paw offers allows for full-on customization of your portrait. You can make it really whatever you want. I think the phone case portraits are super funny. I liked the “Stepbrothers” movie-inspired template that they could throw your dogs’ faces in. I think the oversized blanket with your dog wearing a Gimli outfit with Minas Tirith behind him or her is ridiculous and may just be the perfect gift for my Dad at some point.

Modern and Simple Design

Although the variety of options was fun to sort through and as much as I love the idea of Indy posing as Han Solo from Star Wars – I like that the Modern Pet Portrait looks like a real piece of art. It fits really well into my minimalist style and isn’t cheesy or ridiculous. So I highly recommend this style or the watercolor style for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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Is Crown & Paw Pet Portraits a Good Value?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes because you are getting a custom piece of art in your chosen art style in the size you want at a very affordable price. If you want validation on how affordable these portraits are I recommend visiting one of your local galleries and asking if they sell prints of the art and how much those prints are. Plus, these portraits are the size you want, the frame you want, the style you want, and the subject is your best furry friend that you now get to admire every day.

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits - halle and her portrait

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How long does the process take from start to finish?

You will be able to preview your portrait 2-3 business days after you upload your pet photo. Then the length of the process depends on you, how many edits you have, and how long it takes you to approve the art. After that, the shipping is pretty standard, depending on where you live.

How much will it look like my pet?

I would say the paintings are pretty spot-on. But it all depends on the photo. Make sure the photo you use follows their guidelines and is exactly how you want your portrait to look.

Can I do more than one pet in a photo?

Yes. It looks like you can have up to 4 pets in the Modern Pet Portrait style.

What framing and size options are available?

You can choose from the following frame styles for the Modern Pet Portrait:

  • Black Frame
  • White Frame
  • Walnut Frame
  • No Frame

You can choose from the following size options for the Modern Pet Portrait:

  • 8”x10”
  • 12”x16”
  • 18”x24”

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits.jpg - halle lying next to her portrait

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Our Experience With Crown & Paw Pet Portraits

I wanted a framed portrait of my Border Collie mix, Halle Berry. She is turning eight this year and as she is getting older, I realized I would love a painting or a picture of her framed that I could put up in my new house. I just bought my first home and I plan on being here for a while, so obviously I want some cool new art of my beautiful pup for the bare walls.

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I loved the numerous options I had with Crown & Paw when designing this art piece that was to go in my new Reading Room. I ordered a 12” x 16” Modern Pet Portrait with a white background and walnut frame. You can also choose a charcoal background or have a rainbow on it. It did come with “HALLE” typed in all capitalized letters in a basic black font. However, that was not the look I was going for, so I requested that they remove Halle’s name from the top of the portrait via email. The designers at Crown & Paw didn’t bat an eye. They simply just sent me a new proof without her name printed on the white background. I loved it, approved it, and it went to print.

It arrived at my house quickly and I was still a little nervous about opening it. What would it look like in person? It was packaged very securely with mostly cardboard and minimal plastic wrap. My partner, Cristian, and I opened it together and we both couldn’t help but smile. It looks just like her! They even put some wind flowing through her hair so she appeared to be in one of her favorite outside hangouts, the dog park or the beach. She looks beautiful and at peace just like she does now as I write this review – sitting by my feet watching the birds outside my office window. I loved that it was already framed nicely with a rich, walnut frame and protected with a plastic covering. Some might prefer a glass protector, but I find that most glass and plastic frame protectors are not immune to glare. If your portrait is catching a lot of glare or reflections, just remove the glass or plastic protector.

We showed it to Halle, and she squinted up at it, turned around, and went back to her bed for her afternoon nap. I assume that means she also approved of the portrait and where we decided to hang it.

Now it hangs in the reading room with some blank space above it reserved to fit Indy’s Crown & Paw portrait because I can’t have Halle up there without her best friend. I will be ordering Indy’s portrait in the same style from Crown & Paw very soon to hang above Halle’s. I already can’t wait to see it!

Crown & Paw Pet Portraits - halle's portrait on console table

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I couldn’t recommend this portrait service enough. The quality is amazing! Whether you’re looking for an affordable gag gift or that perfect something for a pet-obsessed friend or a sincere token for a family member who has just experienced the devastating loss of a furry companion – a custom Crown & Paw Pet Portrait is a wonderful choice. The process is seamless, timely, and easy. You can get exactly what you want without breaking the bank. Most importantly, the portrait I received is spot-on and is a true likeness of my sweet Halle. I plan to order through them again!

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