DoggieLawn Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give DoggieLawn products an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Ease of Use: 4.75/5

Odor Control: 4.75/5

Environmental-Friendliness: 4.75/5

Value: 4.25/5

If you have a new puppy who spends the work day alone or if you live in an apartment where getting outside is tough, you probably know your way around doggy potty pads. You also probably know that this pet potty option creates quite a bit of waste, and we’re not just talking about what comes out of your pup!

A mission to reduce this puppy-pad waste is what drove the creation of DoggieLawn. This company has made it their business to find a greener way for your dog to do their business inside.

Their solution? Living grass and all-natural substrates that absorb urine and odors, and last longer so they create less waste.

I had a chance to try two DoggieLawn products on my fifteen-year-old Chihuahua, Papyrus. Both had some major benefits as well as a couple of drawbacks. Keep reading to see my full DoggieLawn product review and find out how the original DoggieLawn and Bark Potty worked for my dog.

At a Glance: What We Received

Rating Image Product Details

Our Favorite




  • Lasts about 2 weeks

  • Dogs instinctively want to use it

  • Real, living grass that absorbs urine and odor
  • Second place

    Bark Potty

    Bark Potty

  • Plastic-free

  • Absorbs odor

  • Lasts up to one month
  • About DoggieLawn

    DoggieLawn Dog Grass Pad - papyrus on the grass pad

    DoggieLawn was started by Zack and Natalie, two pet parents who believed there had to be a better way to raise dogs in a highrise apartment. After years spent buying expensive pee pads just to toss them out after a single use, they came up with a unique new product that was easier for dogs to use and better for the environment.

    Today, DoggieLawn offers a wide range of subscription pet potty products for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and more.

    Where Is DoggieLawn Produced?

    Most of the grass used for DoggieLawn potties is grown hydroponically in California. For customers in Central and Eastern states buying extra-large potty grass, you can opt for locally grown sod to keep the cost down.

    What Products Does DoggieLawn Offer?

    DoggieLawn’s flagship product is their real, living lawn potty. This potty option comes with the standard plastic tray or you can opt for the disposable waterproof cardboard tray. Inside the tray is a piece of living grass that naturally absorbs urine and moisture so it can be used over and over.

    In addition to this product, DoggieLawn also offers smaller-sized lawns for bunnies, guinea pigs, cats, and more. They have also recently introduced their Bark Potty, which is an all-natural potty solution made of wood bark.

    Additionally, DoggieLawn sells pet cleaning sprays, grooming products, pet accessories, and toys.

    DoggieLawn Dog Grass Pad and Bark Potty

    Which Dogs is DoggieLawn Best Suited For?

    This potty solution is perfect for any pet parent who uses potty pads or artificial turf potties for puppy training, accidents, or apartment living.

    The DoggieLawn living lawn product can be used inside, on the patio, or in the yard.

    It’s a great solution for puppies being potty trained, dogs that have trouble holding it, or older dogs prone to accidents. Because the company offers a subscription program, it is a very good choice for apartment dwellers who need an indoor potty solution for the life of their dog.

    Key Features

    DoggieLawn Dog Grass Pad - papyrus using the product

    DoggieLawn potty products contain a number of key features that make them different from traditional potty pad options, including their ease of use, natural odor control, reusability, environmental-friendliness, and subscription options.

    Ease of Use

    Dogs are naturally drawn to grass to eliminate. The spongy surface is the perfect place to pop a squat without getting splattered, plus it feels nice and natural on the paws.

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    DoggieLawn uses this fact to make training and utilizing their real-lawn products that much easier.

    Adult dogs are often the hardest to indoor potty train, especially if they’re used to going outside. DoggieLawn bridges the gap by bringing the outdoors inside with real grass.

    Both puppies and older dogs take to real lawn potties quickly. And, because their smell remains on the lawn, they establish a routine of using the potty faster than with other potty options.

    Natural Odor Control

    One of the best things about DoggieLawn products is that they naturally absorb and control odors.

    Living grass uses nitrogen in urine to grow. When your dog pees on this product, the urine is quickly absorbed into the roots so no moisture or smell is left behind.

    This is something artificial turf potties do not do.

    Even DoggieLawn’s Bark Potty has natural odor-absorbing properties that allow it to be used over and over without any issues with excess smell.

    DoggieLawn Bark Potty - papyrus sniffing the product


    Because DoggieLawn naturally absorbs urine, it can be used repeatedly.

    The real-grass style potties typically last around two weeks, depending on how often they’re used. The Bark Potty lasts up to a month before it needs to be replaced.

    The reusability aspect of these products saves you time and money by reducing how often you need to buy and replace your potty pads.


    The reusability of these potties is just one thing that makes them so much better for the environment.

    Unlike artificial turf and potty pads, these potties are made to reduce plastic use. The Bark Potty is plastic-free and made of natural products and fibers. The turf potties come with the option to forgo the plastic tray in favor of the cardboard tray.

    The grass itself does have a carbon footprint, due to maintenance and transportation, but it uses fewer resources and produces less greenhouse gas emissions than manufacturing artificial turf.

    DoggieLawn Dog Grass Pad - papyrus sniffing the pad

    Subscription Options

    DoggieLawn products can be purchased on a one-time basis or added to a subscription.

    The subscription option is very easy to use. All you have to do is select your product type, the size, and how often you want it delivered.

    For the living grass products, you can choose a delivery schedule of every one, two, three, or four weeks. After you’ve subscribed, you can easily change the frequency to match your dog’s needs.

    After your first order, which will include a plastic tray, you’ll receive only the rolled-up lawn piece for subsequent orders. Alternatively, you can opt for the disposable cardboard tray with your living grass or opt for the all-in-one Bark Potty product.

    Reviews of the Products We Received

    1. DoggieLawn

    DoggieLawn Dog Grass Pad - papyrus on the product

    DoggieLawn’s best-selling product is their original DoggieLawn potty, which features a reusable tray and living lawn.

    The lawn is hydroponically grown, which means you don’t have to deal with messy, heavy soil. Rather, the grass grows out of a lightweight network of roots and fiber. This substrate acts as the perfect sponge to absorb urine and remove odors.

    Just like real lawn, solid waste needs to be removed manually, but the grass will take care of the urine.

    Speaking of care, DoggieLawn grass is super easy to care for. You only need to water it if it gets very dry (typical only if your dog isn’t urinating on it frequently) and it can thrive in high to low light.

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    Depending on how often your dog uses the grass, it only needs to be replaced every one to four weeks. You’ll know it’s time for new grass when the old grass starts to smell or your dog starts urinating on the edges to get away from the saturated center.

    The old lawn is easy to dispose of. Just put on the gloves that come with your next order, roll up the lawn, and put it in the trash. If you have a composter, you could even dispose of it that way.

    The real grass option is low maintenance, easy for dogs to learn to use, and a great way to reduce waste compared to traditional pee pads.

    The product comes in four sizes—standard, medium, large, and extra large—to fit your dog and accommodate multiple dogs.

    Depending on how often you need to replace your grass, this product may or may not save you money over traditional indoor potty options. But it will definitely save you time and hassle since it doesn’t require frequent replacement, cleaning, or maintenance.


    • Reusable
    • Naturally absorbs odor and moisture
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to train your dog to use
    • Better for the environment
    • Aesthetically pleasing


    • May not be more cost-effective than pee pads
    • Need to shield from moisture if used outdoors
    • Not organically grown

    2. Bark Potty

    The Bark Potty is a newer offering from DoggieLawn. This product is another natural dog waste solution that is better for the environment than traditional indoor potty options.

    Instead of live grass, the Bark Potty is filled with natural wood bark and layers of other natural substrate. These substances work to absorb urine to lock in odors so the potty can be used over and over. In fact, this potty option lasts for a month before it needs to be changed.

    The outer tray of the Bark Potty is made of cardboard lined with waterproofing. This makes it better for the environment than plastic tray options and fully disposable at the end of the month. The substrate is held in place by fine mesh and the tray includes a built-in poop bag dispenser.

    Like the original DoggiePotty, this one can be used indoors or on the patio. Because it’s cardboard, it’s even more important you protect it from rain.

    This option takes even less care and maintenance than the living lawn option. However, most dogs don’t take to it as easily and it only comes in two sizes instead of four.

    On the plus side, with an average use life of a month, it’s typically a more cost-effective option than using disposable pee pads.


    • Low maintenance
    • Lasts up to a month
    • Naturally absorbs odor
    • Very environmentally friendly
    • Lightweight


    • Not a great option for outdoor use
    • Not as easy to train dogs to use
    • Only available in two sizes


    What if my DoggieLawn dies?

    If your DoggieLawn grass dies, don’t fret, your dog can still use it! But be aware that dead grass absorbs less urine and therefore is more likely to become smelly. Also, dead grass may be a sign that the lawn is oversaturated and needs to be replaced.

    Do I need to water my DoggieLawn?

    You typically will not need to water your grass. The grass gets its moisture from your dog peeing on it, and the thirstier it is, the better job it will do of absorbing urine and odor. That said, if your dog does not use it often, watering it when it starts to look wilted will help it stay greener longer.

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    Can I cancel my DoggieLawn subscription at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel or make changes to shipment preferences at any time. As long as you cancel before your subscription processing date you will not be charged for your next order.

    DoggieLawn Bark Potty - papyrus standing next to the product

    Our Experience With DoggieLawn

    I was interested in trying DoggieLawn as a solution for my senior Chihuahua’s shrinking bladder.

    Papyrus has always been lucky to have a yard to go potty in. But now that he’s getting older, he has started to wake up during the night needing to go out.

    If I get up with him, I lose out on valuable sleep. If I don’t, I usually have a mess to clean up in the morning.

    I hoped that DoggieLawn would be an easy solution to avoid messes and sleep loss. I ordered both the original DoggieLawn with real grass and the Bark Potty and have been using them for about three weeks.

    As I expected, Papyrus took to the grass option fairly quickly. I had to take it outside with us in the morning and put it on our lawn to get him to use it the first time. But after it had his smell on it, he had no problem using it inside.

    The Bark Potty took longer to train. If both potties were present, Papyrus definitely preferred the grass. But I did eventually get him to use the Bark Potty by removing the grass for a few days.

    As a lifetime outdoor pottier, Papyrus still prefers to ask to go out over using the potties, even when they are by the door. At night, though, I put the potties in the bathroom off our bedroom and he does use them when needed.

    In terms of ease of use and effectiveness, both work pretty well for my initial goal. I also haven’t noticed any urine smell from either after three weeks of fairly consistent use.

    As far as long-term use, I am considering giving the subscription a go. The Bark Potty is definitely the more economical option because it lasts the longest. But because Papyrus is only using the products three or four times per week, I believe the grass option could last just as long for us.

    The grass takes some work to keep it looking green and healthy since Papyrus doesn’t use it often. This means watering it every other day. But I like the look of it and am happy to work a little harder to keep it green and lush even though DoggieLawn says this is not necessary for it to do its job.

    Overall, I love the idea behind these products and found that they deliver as advertised. They are much easier to use than pee pads, easier to maintain than fake turf potties, and smell better than both!

    DoggieLawn Dog Grass Pad - papyrus sitting on the pad


    If you’ve been using pee pads or artificial turf potties for your puppy or apartment dog, DoggieLawn may just be the better option you didn’t know you needed.

    DoggieLawn provided an easy way for me to train my senior dog how to potty inside appropriately. The natural substrates made training a breeze and did help keep odors down with very little maintenance.

    Both the DoggieLawn living grass potty and the Bark Potty naturally absorb urine and odors so they can be used again and again. This means less waste for the planet and less work for you. Best of all, with the subscription program, you get your next potty delivered to your door when you need it.

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