Invisible Cat Hammocks

Looking to spice up your cat’s naptime? Look no further! Our pals at Catastrophic Creations have just created the very first invisible cat hammock on the market!

These sturdy transparent hammocks are crafted from high-quality clear heavyweight vinyl. They come with grommets installed along the length, making it easy to attach them to any of their wall-mounted cat trees or utilize them to build a custom design on your wall. Not only do they serve as a comfortable place for your cat to lounge, but they also function as a walkable surface.

You’ll be pleased to know that each hammock has been weight tested to hold up to 65 lbs, ensuring that your cat can snooze peacefully without any worries. When it comes to cleaning the hammocks, simply wipe the vinyl clean without having to take the hammock off the wall.

Finally, a cat hammock which compliments any wall color or texture. No matter the wall color, these hammocks will compliment the colors by letting the colors show through and making the wall appear much brighter.

We’re anxious to get ours installed and will update this post with more pickies shortly.

Why settle for boring cat naps? Try out these innovative invisible cat hammocks and see your cat in a whole new way!

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