Popov Leather Dog Collar & Leash Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Popov Leather an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5

Variety: 5/5

Aesthetic: 5/5

Fit: 4.7/5

Ease of Use: 4.7/5

Your pup deserves better than a nylon leash and collar, just saying. I know there have been so many improvements to the daily walking experience when I started upgrading my pup from the cheap traditional flat collars to something much nicer. Leather is one of the higher quality materials you can invest in, offering both a beautiful aesthetic and the durability that leather is well known for.

Traditional nylon collars tend to chafe skin and cause irritation on your pup, not to mention destroy the fur in that area. Leather collars (especially those lined correctly) are buttery smooth, provide a much more comfortable fit, and keep the fur beautiful underneath. Although leather collars require a little more TLC than nylon, they’re well worth it for your pup’s comfort.

Popov Leather is a leather specialty site offering collars and leashes for your four-legged best friend, and I find that their particular products are top-tier in the market (at a great price!).

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At a Glance: What We Reviewed

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About Popov Leather

Popov Leather Dog Collars & Leashes - english tan and natural color selections

Like many passionate businesses, Popov Leather started as a hobby before it became what it is now. In 2013, the company’s founder Ryan Popoff picked up a leatherworking kit and set a goal to create a leather wallet.

Today, Popov Leather is a thriving business comprising more than just Ryan Popoff and a few leathermaking kits. With many professional leather workers on the team, each piece feels like a beautiful custom-made product (because it is!). You can even watch videos on how they make each product on their social media channels.

The leather dog collars and leashes keep durability at the forefront of their product quality and design. The company promises that the leash will withstand diligent tugging for an excited pup and that you don’t need to worry about the collar snapping off.

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Key Features

Popov Leather Dog Collars & Leashes

Popov Leather proudly stands out from the rest of the market, predominantly for their high-end, quality products.


Considering you’re getting a beautiful premium leather combo. The collar (no matter the size) and leash cost $44 each, making a set run for $88.

This is a steal compared to other leather dog leashes and custom collars, which often run well over $100. I have one biothane collar that is $120, and that’s not even leather! It’s also nice that there is no price difference between a larger collar and a smaller one, as large dog owners often get the short end of the stick with this.

Popov Leather offers free shipping on orders over $75 and there is also a 90-day return policy. They even have a lifetime guarantee on all heritage leather products offered, which shows how confident Popov Leather is in their products.

Materials, Quality, and Durability

The quality of the collars and leashes is of the utmost top tier. Each piece feels handmade… and that’s because it is!

The leather is USA full-grain that will patina over time in a very beautiful way. The hardware is all brass with no nickel in it. The edges of the leather are not dyed, which helps prevent any of the dye from transferring when the collar or leash gets wet. The edges of the collar are beveled and burnished with beeswax, making it super soft and comfortable for your pup.

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Leather is known for its ability to withstand many elements and only looks better with wear and age. The collar and leash will both be able to withstand water and the elements, with minimal maintenance required.

Popov Leather Dog Collars & Leashes - leash quality


There are four colors to choose from for both the collars and leashes (as they can be a matching set):

  • English Tan
  • Heritage Brown
  • Natural
  • Black


The collars and leashes are absolutely beautiful. The colors are stunning and rich, and I love the beautiful leather detail. The craftsmanship is top-notch!


All of the collars range in size from 9” to 26”, able to fit on pretty much any dog out there!

All the leashes are 5 feet long, perfect for a comfortable stroll with your pup. Long enough to give your dog some freedom but short enough to always have full control.

Popov Leather Dog Collars & Leashes - close up of the collar on lorelei

Custom Engraving

Popov Leather offers the option of engraving the collar with your pup’s name and/or address! This is an extra $9 but looks beautiful.

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Our Reviews of the Popov Leather Dog Collars & Leashes

In my package, I received two collars and their matching leashes in English Tan and Natural.

1. Dog Collar: English Tan & Natural

Popov Leather Dog Collar - English Tan and Natural

You can immediately feel how much of a premium product the Popov leather collar is, regardless of color. From the soft lining on the inside to the quality leather feel on the outside! The collar was able to withstand the rainstorm that swept across my city well, with no damage to it whatsoever.

Both colors are absolutely stunning, with the English Tan offering a rich orange tone and the Natural akin to what leather would look like undyed. The bevel edges and craftsmanship make the collar a true beauty to look at, with the brass hardware getting a nice patina over time.

All of the collars range in size from 9” to 26”, so the flexibility in size helps all pups be able to enjoy this collar. With the collar arriving with a few holes under and over the size as well, the fit can be adjusted as the dog changes in size throughout its life.


  • Soft lining prevents fur matting and skin irritation
  • Lots of sizes to choose from
  • Can withstand water and rain
  • Perfect length at 5”
  • Great price
  • Custom engraving available


  • The Natural collar has more difficulty buckling and unbuckling than the English Tan. (I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence or if the material is treated differently)
  • May be too wide for smaller dogs

2. Dog Leash: English Tan & Natural

Popov Leather Dog Leash - English Tan & Natural

The leash colors matched their corresponding collars above perfectly and were equally as comfortable. Just like the other Popov Leather products, the leash felt buttery and perfect in hand, easy to use for hours and hours on end with no chafing or wear on the hand. The construction is very durable, without the feeling that the leather will rip on a hard-pulling pup. At 5’, the length is perfect for some casual walking.

The leash was durable in the rainstorm as well, and it arguably got even more wet than the collar did! There was a moment when the leash was dropped in a puddle on accident and came out unscathed completely. The clasp is very strong but equally easy to use, and I often find myself matching it on other collars I own as well.

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Much like the collars, beautiful craftsmanship – you can truly feel how much the company prides itself on the leather goods they make in-house.


  • Beautiful, rich colors
  • Durable and high-quality leather
  • High-end dust bag included
  • Comfortable to hold the loop
  • The clasp is very easy to use
  • Easy to maintain


  • Limited length option, only available in 5”

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Can you get the collar and leash wet?

Yes, you can! Both the collar and leash can handle rain, even pouring rain. After getting home, just wipe the collar and leash down and let it air dry. Don’t apply heat such as a blow dryer; just let it air dry.

How do you take care of the collar and leash?

Maintenance is very easy. Every once in a while, wash the leather with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry. Popov Leather has leather maintenance scrubs and balms for deeper cleaning needs.

What is the longevity of the collar and leash?

The beauty of leather is that it gets better over time! The collar is designed to remain durable for many, many years. If for any reason something happens, Popov Leather has a lifetime guarantee on all of their quality leather products. Do make note that leather can stretch over time, so do check the fit every once in a while.

Popov Leather Dog Collars & Leashes - walking lorelei with popov collar and leash

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Our Experience With Popov Leather

I admit, I am an avid dog collar collector. My pup Lorelei has a full shelf of custom collars, an addiction that started during the pandemic. I didn’t need to shop for myself as I wasn’t going anywhere, but I wanted my dog to be fancy! Needless to say, I was very excited to get my hands on some Popov Leather.

I was impressed before I even opened the package – the bag the collars and leashes were delivered in had such a cute design! What amazing attention to detail. First impressions are everything, and this hit the mark.

The package contained four dust bags containing the four products (two collars and two leashes). I loved the dust bags; they were also thick and durable, with a very subtle logo on the tag. Again, this thoughtfulness from the company ranks them with a big A+ from me. I can feel how much Popov Leather cares about what they do.

In terms of use, as someone who adopted a little dog, the fit is where I have a wee bit of a comment. Lorelei is a 10lb mixed breed (mostly papillon), so, definitely on the small side.

On the positive, the collar fits perfectly in length (she has an exactly 12” neck). There are enough holes to adjust for slightly larger than 12” and smaller than 12”, which allows for fluctuation as she may change in size as she progresses through life. I love this feature.

As for the downside, the collar in width is too thick for her neck, and I feel it would be too wide for any dog even smaller than her. She’s not used to collars that take up her entire neck, so this was something to work around. I am also lucky that she isn’t a dog that pulls, and she’s been trained to heel on a leash, but I can imagine a small dog that tugs wouldn’t be having a great time with this fit.

The buckle is also a bit heavy, which I understand because of its high-quality material and finish. But, again, something to consider if you have a very small dog.

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That being said, this is the perfect size for medium to large dogs – 100%!

Regarding using the collar, I had a little bit of trouble, which isn’t a dealbreaker for me, but I felt it needed to be mentioned for those with pups that may be more difficult. The leather and the lining make the buckle more difficult to use. It often gets stuck and is a tight squeeze. To be honest, I think this happens to all leather products and might take some time to wear down.

That being said, I have absolutely zero doubt that this collar would ever unbuckle itself or fall off, which is a huge bonus for Lorelei’s safety! I would prefer this over a buckle that is quick to put on but isn’t secure. It’s a huge confidence boost knowing that there is no way my dog can get this collar off on her own.

The leash was perfection – it felt soft and comfortable in my hand, and the length was my preferred 5 feet. It clips easily to the collar, and the matching set looks so fancy. I liked that the lining of the leash was the same as the collar, I can feel the same comfort my pup does.

As I mentioned in the intro, leather does have so many upsides to the usual nylon collars and leashes. Both my pup’s and my skin feel much better using the Popov Leather sets, and her fur is not matted, tangled, or rubbed off. This was always a big deal with Lorelei being a long-haired dog; I hated having to work out mats or damaged fur from using stereotypical collar products.

We had a bit of rain this weekend, and the collar and leash had no trouble with the inclement weather. Again, the awesome benefits of leather – it’s so durable. Yes, it requires a slight bit of extra maintenance, but it’s a few minutes out of your day occasionally – no biggie! The dust bag helps me keep the collar and leashes protected when not in use, and when we are out and about, a possible quick wipe-down is all we need. The collar and leash will look even better over time, as leather tends to age like a fine wine!

We have received many compliments on the Natural color and the English Tan, and I could not be more pleased.

Popov Leather Dog Collars & Leashes - lorelei standing outdoor wearing popov collar and leash

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All-in-all, if you’re looking for a high-end leather collar for your pup, Popov Leather is the way to go. You get a lot of bang for your buck on the quality, style, and attention to detail the company put in (such as the beautiful dust bag). You can feel how much Popov Leather cares with their detailed care sheet online and beautiful packaging!

Both the collar and leash feel great in my hand and certainly elevated our walking game for sure. The colors are equally as gorgeous; I could honestly stare at my set all day.

This leash and collar duo would be best for trained pups who don’t mind a bit of fumbling with the buckle here and there in the beginning. I am sure this will become a much easier process over time as the leather and interior fabric wear, but something to note.

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