The Original Poop Bags Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give The Original Poop Bags an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5

Variety: 4.9/5

Durability: 5/5

Texture & Material: 4.9/5

Environmentally Conscious: 5/5

Our dogs poop. We all know this, yet we don’t tend to talk a whole lot about it. Maybe we should talk about it more! As much as this fact isn’t the most exciting part of dog ownership, making our lives a bit easier when our pups do poop can be a game-changer with pet ownership.

I know from my own experience that not all poop bags are made the same. Some leave me frustrated (and feeling gross), so finding a good product to help keep things clean is pretty important to me – and I think it’s silently important to everyone else, too. Luckily, The Original Poop Bags was that innovative solution that not only solved bathroom woes for me but is also out to make the world a better place. Yes, poop bags can make the world better!

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At a Glance: What We Received

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About The Original Poop Bags


Who Makes The Original Poop Bags and Where is it Produced?

The website URL for The Original Poop Bags is quite literally, so I am very inclined to believe this is the original poop bag. Founded by Paul D. Cannella, aka “Mr. Poop Bags™,” Paul had the vision to make the world a cleaner and healthier place, one bag at a time. Although the bags are made in the United States, The Original Poop Bags are making a difference globally.

The Original Poop Bags Mission Statement

What sets The Original Poop Bags apart from the rest is the company’s mission: to reduce the amount of plastic waste associated with caring for our four-legged friends. Each bag is made of recycled material and is USDA-certified biodegradable!

But, The Original Poop Bags go far beyond this by partnering with the Jane Goodall Institute, of whom Paul is a big supporter. This allows the company to offer a “You Buy, We Donate” partnership, in which a portion of each purchase is donated to assist in vital conservation and animal welfare initiatives. As of recently, 20% of each purchase is donated to save Peanut, a 5-year-old elephant rescued from chains and cruel captivity.

Who Are These Products Meant For?

On the nitty gritty of things, The Original Poop Bags is meant for any animal that poops. Dogs, cats, parrots, and any creature who requires clean-up. With so many options on the website available, poop bags can be ordered and tailored to the individual pet owner to bulk orders for boarding and daycare facilities, veterinary hospitals, and more.

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Key Features


Here are some of the fantastic features that almost all of the products in the Original Poop Bags catalog have!


All of the bags (and even the bag holder!) are comprised of 38% plant-based materials and 62% polyethylene. Each product is officially USDA Certified Biobased, meaning the bags feature renewable biological ingredients. The Original Poop Bags states that all of their products are fully compostable and will not add to the awful landfills of plastic.

The material feels fairly silky (it is interesting to describe a bag like this, but it is true) and smooth. It always features a vibrant green color that is easy to spot.

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For poop bags (or any bag for that matter), durability is of utmost importance. Although some customers have stated that the bag feels a bit thin, no one has complained about its durability! Designed to withstand quite a bit of weight inside there, the bags will not rip nor get you icky. Great Dane owners can surely rejoice here!

Size Options

There are a slew of size and bag options for every scenario.

The bag sizes offered include:

  • Poop roll bags (the traditional kind we all know) are 9” x 13”
  • Handle-tie poop bags are 7” x 13”
  • Bulk Rolls Poop Bags are 8” x 13”
  • The Pick Up Backyard Bags are 12” X 12”
  • The Bulk Rolls Poop Bags Jumbo Size are 12” X 13.5”
  • For more commercial purposes, 13-gallon and 45-gallon trash bags are available

Scented and Unscented

Some of the products come in both scented and unscented options. All of the scented bags have a subtle, nice orange scent. Both the scented and unscented bags conceal the smells you want concealed!

Ease Of Use

No one wants to fumble with a poop bag on a walk, and luckily all of the bags provided by The Original Poop Bags feature an easy-to-open perforation. I know that all poop bags technically have a perforation, but this brand’s truly is easy-to-open – I have yet to have one stuck. The material of the poop bags also doesn’t stick to one another, so it easily and gently slides off.



The cost varies depending on the product and the quantity needed, but it is very affordably priced (especially since a portion of the proceeds are donated). As of May 2024, the prices look like this:

Countdown Rolls® Unscented & Scented Poop Bags:

    • 120 bags = $8.99
    • 360 bags = $23.99
    • 960 bags = $36.99

Handle Tie Poop Bags:

    • 120 bags = $8.99
    • 360 bags = $23.99
    • 720 bags = $32.99

Bulk Rolls Poop Bags:

    • 200 bags = $17.99
    • 400 bags = $29.99

Pick-Up Backyard Poop:

    • 16 bags = $9.99
    • 32 bags = $17.99

Along with commercial sizes that can include thousands of bags, which range in price from $29.99 to $199.

Proceed Donations

A percentage of all proceeds is universally donated to the Jane Goodall Institute, but the company also picks special causes to donate a much larger portion of the proceeds. This month, 20% of all proceeds are going towards saving Peanut the Elephant, and 100% of the Peanut the Elephant merchandise is also being donated.

Peanuts Characters

Some of the bags feature the beloved characters of the Peanuts series, with the cutest artwork ever! These are exclusively licensed by The Original Poop Bags.

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The Reviews of the Products We Received

1. Countdown Rolls Unscented Poop Bags

Countdown Rolls Unscented Poop BagsCountdown Rolls Unscented Poop Bags

At first sight, these rolls look like any other poop bag. However, there are a few subtle differences that make a big impact! For starters, the initial sticker that holds the roll together is perforated, so you don’t rip the first bag trying to get the sticker off. Second, the perforation is very prominent and easy to use, with each bag separating without much force needing to be applied. Although this bag is unscented, it conceals the smell of waste very well inside.

2. Countdown Rolls Orange Scented Poop Bags

Countdown Rolls Orange Scented Poop BagsCountdown Rolls Orange Scented Poop Bags

The same as the unscented version, the orange scent is very pleasant and not overwhelming. The bag does feel thinner at times, but it is extremely durable and will certainly not rip, able to easily contain a significant amount of weight. The bags counting down from 15 is extremely useful, allowing you to know how many bags are left on the roll (rather than playing the guessing game)!


  • Bags count down on the roll from 15 to 1
  • Subtle orange scent that isn’t overwhelming
  • Easy-to-tear perforation


  • Same as the scented, it feels a bit thin

3. Handle Tie Poop Bags

Handle Tie Poop BagsHandle Tie Poop Bags

The handle tie bags are a great solution for those needing to tie a bag quickly, those with disabilities that may find tying a traditional poop bag more difficult, or someone needing a bit more size. Made of the same material as the other bags from The Original Poop Bags, the silky feeling of the material is rather unique to this company. Each bag is individual and does not come on a tear roll.


  • Very easy to tie handles
  • All individual bags, no tearing required
  • Thick and durable


  • Only one size is available

4. Bulk Rolls Poop Bags Jumbo Size

Bulk Rolls Poop Bags Jumbo SizeBulk Rolls Poop Bags Jumbo Size

For a larger size, the bulk jumbo bags are a fantastic solution. Featuring a really cute Snoopy print all over the bag, it’s a fun product to use. The larger size makes it easier to pick up multiple wastes (such as when cleaning the backyard), and it ties just as easily as any poop bag does. The box is perforated along with the bags, making opening and tearing very simple.


  • Very large in size
  • Features adorable Snoopy artwork from the Peanuts series
  • Both the box and the bags are perforated


  • Although they are very durable and won’t rip, they do flop around more than other bags do when full of waste

5. Poop Bags Hydrant Dispenser

Poop Bags Hydrant DispenserPoop Bags Hydrant Dispenser

Frankly, this is the cutest design for a poop bag dispenser. Not only is it rather comical, but it’s also quite comfortable and convenient. The velcro strap makes it easy to attach to any leash (or any item, I also attach it to my dog’s carrier), and the inside features a hook that helps hold the poop bag roll in place. It is especially impressive that the holder is also made of recycled materials, as it is quite sturdy and durable.


  • Very cute fire hydrant design
  • Easy to attach to any leash or bag
  • Holds the poop bag roll firmly in place


  • Only one color is available (green)

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Our Experience With The Original Poop Bags


From the moment the package arrived, I knew what was inside. The cardboard box is fully branded, which I thought was really cute! It’s also the perfect size for my dog to sit on. Inside were all of the products from The Original Poop Bags, neatly arranged.

At first glance, I loved the packaging of each bag product (and the dispenser). I received both the orange-scented and the unscented Countdown Rolls®, a pack of Handle Tie Poop Bags, a roll of the Bulk Rolls Poop Bags Jumbo Size, and the Poop Bags Hydrant Dispenser. You can tell that a lot of attention to detail was put into the graphic design, and all of the fundamental information (such as the size of the bag, biodegradability, and more) is easily accessible. The Snoopy print on the jumbo bags was especially adorable, a childhood favorite of mine!

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The hydrant dispenser immediately went on my dog Lorelei’s leash; I loved the design! It’s especially nifty that this hydrant dispenser can stand on its own and doesn’t just flop over when you put down the leash. The dispenser felt sturdy, and the adjustable Velcro strap is perfect for utilizing on anything.

Inside was a roll of the unscented Countdown Rolls. The numbers don’t start until you get down to 15 bags, but I look forward to seeing those numbers, as that is such a clever idea. That takes the guesswork out of sorting out how many bags are left on the roll once it gets slim. I also tried the scented roll and appreciated that the orange smell wasn’t overpowering.

Both sets of bags felt the same material-wise. The bag felt silky (similar to the fruit bags at Trader Joe’s, if anyone reading knows what I am talking about!), but it didn’t stick to the other rolls and came apart very easily. The perforation was so well perforated that it only took a small amount of force to get a bag – I used to fumble with other bags, and when you’re trying to manage a dog, a leash, and a walk, fumbling sucks. No more getting stuck here, for sure.

My only little “eeek” (which is just something to get used to) is that the bags do seem a bit thin. I could feel the temperature and texture of the waste in the bag, and it was a bit transparent. However, this isn’t that big of a deal—I would much rather be using an environmentally conscious bag that is convenient for me than something alternative. The bag was tied easily and hid the smell completely.

The handle-tie version came in super handy when taking care of my parrot. Of course, I change his food daily and always tie his food to prevent ants from coming in. I could use the handles of this bag one-handed as I poured the old food inside. I quickly tied the bag and threw it out—so convenient! Same with using the Bulk Rolls Poop Bags Jumbo Size to change the newspapers out at the bottom of his cage, the size worked out great. Not once did I think the bag would rip, no matter how much I filled it.

This is the only set of bags I’ll be buying from now on!

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In conclusion, The Original Poop Bags are a worthy investment for any pet owner. From bags that are durable and easy to use, to the various sizes offered, and the ability to hide unfavorable scents all the way to saving the environment and helping worthy animal causes, we can all feel great about putting our money towards this company.

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