WIN a Pooph™ Bundle and Say Goodbye to Litterbox Stink!

Say Goodbye to Litterbox Stink! WIN a Pooph Litterizer™ and Odor/Stain Eliminator! Your cat hates litter box stink as much as you do! But now with Pooph Litterizer™ you can finally put an end to litter box stink!

The Pooph Litterizer™ absorbs 83X its volume in water and WON’T LET IT GO – so your litter box never gets a chance to stink! The Pooph Litterizer™ sucks up all wetness and odor within seconds, helping keep your home stink free and your kitty’s business private. The Pooph Litterizer™ makes your litter last twice as long, slashing your litter costs. The Litterizer™ is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula, safe to use around people and pets. Just sprinkle a few tablespoons of Pooph Litterizer™ directly onto your clean kitty litter to keep your home stink free.

The Pooph™ Odor and Stain Eliminator is curated for ALL messes! The Pooph™ formula was designed to completely and permanently dismantle odors on a molecular level. Unlike most product that work slowly and leave odors behind, Pooph™ works instantly to eliminate odors at the source without relying on harsh chemicals.

With Pooph™ there is no stink OR fragrance … it’s as if the odor was never there, turning any organic odor into clean fresh air! As powerful as it is, Pooph™ is 100% safe and will get RID OF any stink. Pooph TM ’s exact formula has been used for over 10 years getting rid of odors in North America’s top municipal waste management facilities. As long as Pooph™ can reach the source of the odor and there’s as much Pooph™ as there is stink, Pooph™ will get it and dismantle the odor.

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When pairing these two odor eliminators, your house will never get the chance to stink! The Litterizer™ and Pooph™ odor eliminator will work at getting rid of all stink while being complete odorless! With either Pooph™ bottle, you will not get tacky fragrances. Pooph™ works on any organic odor, so it works on much more than pet odors. However, each Pooph™ product is specially formulated to treat different types of odors.

The Litterizer™ was designed with litter box-related offenses in mind. They were careful to make sure that it also wouldn’t affect the clumping of the litter, so while you could use our general pet odor eliminator for the litter box, the specialized absorbing formula for the litter box will enhance your experience, making litter box clean-up a breeze.

No more hiding the kitty litter box to escape the STINK! Simply use this special odor eliminating spray paired with the Litterizer™ powder in and around your kitty litter box and be completely confident in knowing that when friends and family come to visit, they might even forget you even have a cat!

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new contest where 3 Purrington Post readers will each WIN a bundle containing 2 bottles; 1 x Pooph Litterizer™ and 1 x Pooph™ Odor and Stain Eliminator.

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This contest ended on May 27th, 2024 and was available only to U.S. residents. To enter you simply had to submit a comment in our “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this page saying:

I would love to win a Pooph bundle for my cat(s) because [your reason]

The 3 lucky winners were chosen by the Pooph™ team from all the correctly submitted entries and contacted by email.

Be sure to follow Pooph™ on IG at: @poophworld. Learn more about their products here => Pooph™

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