The 9 Best Cat Grooming Tools

Cats are notorious for grooming themselves well, but sometimes they need a little help. Here are 9 tools to keep your cat looking, smelling, and feeling great.

1. The FURminator
The FURmintator reaches below your cat’s topcoat to gently remove loose hairs and reduce shedding by up to 90%.


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2. Earthbath All Natural Cat Wipes
Earthbath Cat Wipes are hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free. They safely wipe away dander, dirt, and saliva residue.


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3. Four Paws Magic Coat Instant Mat Removing Comb
If your cat has a hard time working out mats in her fur, or if they are in places that she can’t reach well, this mat removing comb is a great tool.


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4. Kitty Tongue Gentle Cat Grooming and Massage Glove
The Kitty Tongue Grooming Glove is a great option for cats who distrust traditional brushes and grooming tools. All you have to do is slide the glove onto your hand and stroke her like normal. The velcro-like surfaces will feel like a cat’s tongue to her, reminding her of being groomed as a kitten.


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5. SmartyKat Brush Up Cat Grooming Post
The SmartyKat Grooming Post requires minimal effort on your end. Your cat will simply rub up against the rubber bristles, which will remove loose fur while she gets a good massage.


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6. Yogo Professional Pet Nail Clippers
Yogo Nail Clippers have been approved by top veterinarians across the nation. The best part of these clippers is that they have a quick sensor safety guard, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally clipping sensitive nerves.

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7. Veterinarian’s Best Waterless Cat Bath
Veterinarian’s Best Waterless Cat Bath cleans your cat and gives her a shiny and moisturized coat without having to submerge her in water.


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8. Perfect Cat Grooming Arch
This Grooming Arch brushes your cat for you as she rubs against it. The arch is easy to clean, too! Simply vacuum it to remove the accumulated hair.


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9. Nylabone Advanced Oral Cat Dental Kit
The Nylabone Cat Dental Kit comes with a brush that has been specially designed to fit a cat’s tiny mouth. Regular brushing in between dental checkups can help reduce the risk of oral disease.


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