Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks For Dog Owners

Who doesn’t want that a beautiful, happy, furry puppy plays around him, approaching him or eager to play?

Don’t panic. I am here to tell you what to do. you will get an idea about dog grooming tips and tricks In this article,

Everyone does. But your dog won’t be happy, beautiful and healthy unless your dog’s fur as well as body is not well groomed and maintained.However, grooming your dog is not easy, especially if you are not a techie person. So you need to hire an expert to groom your dog.

But that is costly. Isn’t it? So what should you do? I will tell you about dog grooming tips and tricks that will keep your dog healthy and safe and at the same time beautiful.

Trick #1 Brush, Bathe and Clean Your Puppy

The first and most important thing for grooming a dog is to bathe adequately before starting any kind of grooming. So prepare your dog for the bath. Brush your dog; brushing is very much essential for the dog with long hair or fur. Cut all unnecessary mats before bathing your dog. 

Put your dog in a bathtub. But remember, do not fully fill the tub, rather fill it just ankle deep. Then slowly gets you dog wet and shampoo it from tail to head.

Remember not to get any soapy water into your puppy’s eyes. Once you are done, use a towel to dry your dog and carefully brush your dog again.One simple but interested bath hack for your dog is to spread some peanut butter on the floor. It will keep your dog still and distracted during the bath.

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Trick #2 Brush Teeth And Clip Nail

Once you have finished bathing your dog and make sure your dog is clean, then brush the dog’s teeth as well as clean the ears.One most important thing you need to remember that use dog’s toothpaste and brush slowly and gently. The reason behind this is that the toothpaste used by the human upset dog’s stomach.

How? When you brush its teeth, it swallows some of the toothpaste and that’s how the toothpaste upset the stomach.

In addition, the long nail can lead many unwanted damages including blooding. So, it is also important to clip dog’s nail at the proper length. Not too short, not too small.

Trick #3 Use the proper Clippers

Once you decided to cut the nail of your dog, you have to hire a professional groomer in order to cut your dog’s nail. But if you want to clip by yourself, then you have to invest in a good clipper.Though most of the dog owners tempt to buy cheaper clipper, that is really a bad decision. It can cause serious damages to your dog.

Trick #4 Take a run

It is very common that your dog will not remain calm during all the time of grooming. If you think your dog will not remain calm and still then take your dog to a park or outside for a run, it will help for sure.

Trick #5 Trim the face carefully

It is time to trim the face. Start with its face because the face is the most difficult part and with this part, your dog will be steadiest.First of all, start trimming from open ear area to eye area, then trim between the place of two eyes, and finally rest of the face.

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Now, move on to the neck.

Trick #6 Move on to the body

Maybe this is the easiest part of trimming. Just trim the whole body but remember to maintain the same length through the side, neck, and other parts of the body.It is always better and recommended by the experts that trim the paws first according to the cut you want. You need to stop trimming at around half an inch up to the elbows and repeat the whole process to gain perfect cut.


If you have done all the processes mentioned above, you are done. It is time to just give a final touch.Check, you have trimmed all the hair and clip the nails of your dog properly. If not, clip or trim it now.Brush the whole body again. It will help you to know whether you need an extra cut or not.

Now take a blow dryer and brush again to clear all the extra hair. You can spray a little bit perfume to make sure that your dog smells good.

Trick #7 Take the dog for a walk

Since your dog has done nothing during the period of grooming, it is sure that it gets tired. Not only the dog but also you get tired of doing this troublesome work. So it is time to go outside and take your dog with you for a walk for celebrating its new hairdo. 


Though the grooming process seems very terror, it is actually not. The first time it will take much time since you’re doing this for the first time. You can keep someone beside you when you are grooming your dog for assisting you. To keep your dog healthy and safe, it is very much important to regularly groom your dog by good animal clipper. So do it regularly. If you make any kind of mistake during grooming, you can always contact a professional groomer to solve that mistake. Happy grooming!

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