How To Stop Dog Nail Bleeding At Home Without Going To Vet

When you hear clicking sound as your canines walk around the house, it is obvious that nail trimming season has arrived. Every time this season comes I get skeptical because I once experienced a dreadful accident.

Yes I accidentally cut too deep. Ouch!

In this article you will get all the information about how to stop dog nail bleeding at home without going to vet.

Trimming dog nails at home usually goes smoothly for me. You may have experienced this; each time I grab a nail and is about to trim, my canine friends assume its play time and make the delicate task more difficult than it already is.

On this occasion everything went normal (the fussing and playing while I am trying to trim nails), or so I thought at first.

To my shock, stepping out of the shower I discovered paw blood stains across the room, I panicked (By the way you should never panic because dogs can sense this as excitement and manage to make things worse for you).

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I am embarrassed to share with you how I took things from bad to worse trying to ‘fix it’ that day.

In the end it was Scrub…Scrub…Scrub and by the time we both hit the bed, I was glad the day was over.

Anatomy of dog nail

I figured if I was prepared enough for trimming accidents, things would have gone easier for us. This is why I decided to pen down this article to help equip people with the right information on how to trim dog nails and other complications that may arise from this.

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This article is also useful for dog owners in case a dog gets injured (not necessarily from nail trimming) and is looking for a way to stop bleeding before calling the vet. If the injury is serious, you should consider visiting the local vet nearest to you to save time. Thanks to the dog versions of Kinesiology Tape like Rio, or Rock tape canine, Vetkin Tape; dogs can be assisted towards total and speedy recovery.

Hearing that click! clack!! sound in your home is nevertheless a good sign that your dog needs to have its nail trimmed. But why wait for the sound?

When preparing to trim, extreme care must be taken to avoid bleeding because the anatomy of dog nails show that the claws are made of two important parts; the tough outer shell that requires trimming and the softer inner part referred to as the quick.

The quick is wired with blood vessels and can easily cause excessive bleeding if accidentally cut.

anatomy of dog nail

Peradventure you cut deep into the dog’s nail and then it starts to bleed, panicking at this point for you should be a no-no (your furry friend would love to believe you’re “human” enough to take care of any mishaps) then you have to try to stabilize the dog as well;

else it would whine, jump and probably in its bid to contain the pain coming from the cut, might start to run around leaving behind trails of blood for you to clean up and I trust you wouldn’t want that.

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So before you start trimming, it would be wise of you to prepare ahead and have emergency supplies within your reach. By doing so, you have saved your dog from the stress of enduring the pain for too long. Also a nail infection would be greatly reduced.

There are varieties of homemade remedies you can use to stop your dog’s nail from bleeding. Ranging from cornstarch to flour to baking soda and finally just a simple bar of soap.All of them work like magic. But it depends on what you have in store at the time.

One of the few things you have to do when using homemade remedies is to apply a lot of pressure to the bleeding site. Mind you, this method would not be as effective as using the more refined styptic powder.

Guide to Stop Your Dogs Nail From Bleeding At Home

Let’s get you started, shall we?


    1. First you would have to pour some of the flour, baking soda or cornstarch into neat plastic container – depending on which remedy is available. (I would have asked to use your palms instead of the plastic container, but both palms will be in great use as you need to be steady throughout this operation)
    1. With ease, dip your dog’s nail into container containing the remedy. And if it doesn’t stop, dip the affected nail into the remedy without cleaning off its surface.
  1. Gently compress your dog’s nail using the aid of a clean cloth or towel until you sure the bleeding has stopped.
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Your dog might not buy the idea of dipping its nail into a strange looking container. If something like this comes up, you can employ the services of a friendlier looking item like the – Cotton applicator.

Dip the cotton applicator into the remedy in the container, gently apply the remedy on its nails and add a pressure to it using a towel or soft cloth. Repeat if the nail still bleeds after the initial application. The remedies serve as coagulants.


    • First you would have to get the soap moistened with water
    • Keeping your dog steady with one hand, use the other to direct the affected nail into the bar of soap.
  • Leave the nail fixed in the soap then apply pressure for about 3 – 5 minutes.

This really works like magic!

The most important part after using the remedies to stop the bleeding nail is keeping your dog rested for about 20 – 30 minutes. It is a very vital step you mustn’t skip or overlook. Your furry friend could get nervous if it’s not given room to rest. And this would not help the bleeding nail heal as planned.

When you’re sure it’s over 20 – 30 minutes of resting time, try to review the affected nail again to check if the bleeding has stopped. Be sure to reward your dog with the choicest of bones for its compliance throughout the pain-ridden procedure.

And if the bleeding continues please take your dog to the nearest veterinary hospital for proper examination.

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