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Dog owners often have a difficult time deciding on which tool to use when trimming their dog’s nails. Electric nail grinders are preferred compared to manual clippers. Grinders are more effective since they reduce nails cracks and pressure exerted on them.

Most of them do not produce sudden noises which could cause discomfort to dogs. This article provides an insight on the best dog nail grinders to use.

Modern dog nail grinders are equipped with tools which polish nails. They prevent the occurrence of rough edges which could cause scratches and snagging. However, they could stress dogs and hence a calm environment should be created when trimming.

Nail grinders usually have a power cord or a battery. Their body is cylinder shaped and they have a grinding head which cuts and smoothens nails. Each nail grinder has its own safety precautions which one should follow when using them.

The following steps should be followed when using nail grinders:

-Extend the dog’s paw and hold it case a dog wriggles itself, stop temporarily and position it again.

-Trim one nail at a time. Gently place the grinder at the bottom of the nail and bring it up to the nail’s tip. Move it slowly back to the nail’s bottom.

-This process should be repeated severally until the nail’s sharp tip is completely removed.

-After removing a nail’s tip, rotate the grinder around the tip severally so as to smoothen it.

-Repeat the whole process on each nail.

What Is A Dog Nail Grinder?

Dog nail grinders are a solution for alternative cutting nails for dogs that are not big fans of clippers. Dog nail grinders are also known as “dremels”, in reference to the brand name of Dremel, a popular and well-known abrasive tool.Instead of cutting the nail, a dog nail grinder will grind away at the nail with a high speed, rounded grinder that uses a material similar to sandpaper.

Pros and Cons Of Using a Dog Nail Grinder


Good for Unsteady hands. If you feel that your hands are not stable enough to trim your dog’s nails, you may find an easier-to-use nail grinder. However, you should still keep your dog, but it is likely that you will not need the same level of accuracy to point the mill as you may require with a razor.

The fearful dogs. If your dog has had some bad experiences with a nail clipper, it can absolutely terrified of round 2, with the cutting machines (unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to cut your dog off fast and cause it to bleed – especially if it has nails dark). Grinders are easier to use and allow owners to easily avoid cutting at the most alive.

Soft edges. A grinder allows you to soften the edges of your dog’s nails, which looks better, and can also prevent him from snagging the nail on carpeting or other materials. Having softer nails is also useful if your dog is a bridge (oh, my legs), or a scraper.

Reduces Cracking & Battery. Clippers tighten down on your dog’s cuticle during the cut, which can end up hurting your dog, even if you do not hit the cuticle. The pressure of the clippers can, in some cases (although not very common), can even cause your dog’s nails to crack!


Your dog may still be afraid. Unfortunately, your dog may be scared the moment you grab its paws, so the mill can not do much to alleviate immediate anxiety. The sound of the mill can also make your dog nervous, so even with grinders it is hard to say how well your dog is going to take for the nail grinding process. Be sure to work until grinding, providing lots of goodies and compliments as you show your dog the grinder and handle its legs.You can still hit the fast one. Keep a careful eye on where your dog is so quick to grind (you should be able to start to see a small spot in the middle, even for dogs with dark nails). Even with grinders, you can still hit your dog fast (although it is much easier to accidentally make a nail clipper).The purr. The buzz of the nail grinder can scare and scare the dogs, although the noise level varies between devices and speeds. Smell & Dust An undesirable odor can arise from the grinding of a dog’s nails. This can usually be remedied by grinding your dog’s nails out. You may want to use eye equipment or a mouth cap.

Best Dog Nail Grinders 2022 Comparison Table – (Updated list)

Top 8 Best Dog Nail Grinder Reviews (2021)

These highly qualified dog nail mills will help you to cut your dog’s nails without problem. Dog nail grinders come in some different styles and designs, which are detailed here. Consider whether or not you want features such as multiple grinding speeds (useful for dogs with thick nails), and LED lighting (can help people with poor eyesight). Also think about whether you would prefer a grinder with a rechargeable battery or one that runs on classic AA’s. While all these mills are recommended, be sure to consider that you have the most important ones to you and your dog.

Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder

The utilization of puppy nail scissors can be agonizing for your pet. Dremel rearranges pet preparing for proprietors and creatures with this cordless Pet Nail Rotary Tool. This pack enables you to rapidly, effortlessly and securely trim your pet’s nails.

This has a very fascinating features such as the rechargeable, battery-controlled gadget utilizes a 60-coarseness sanding drum to easily trim toenails in a way that is intended to be innocuous and compassionate. With simple to take after guidelines incorporated into the pack, you’ll be prepping pet nails in minutes.

Light obligation execution to delicately trim your pet’s nails, making it substantially more agreeable for the pet and proprietor alike. Modify between high or low speed to fit your pet’s solace level and for exact control.

Perfect contrasting option to cut-out your pet’s nails without possibly finished cutting. Delicately granulate away long nails rapidly and easily with the Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Tool.

Cordless activity utilizing a rechargeable and removable battery pack. Extra battery packs accessible (sold independently) so the apparatus will dependably be energized and prepared to go. In terms of using this tool half Inch Diameter Sanding Bands is the one that is prescribed for use with the Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Tool that is sheltered and delicate on your pet’s nails.

60 coarseness sanding groups. Browse frill number 407 which offers the sanding band with the mandrel, or adornment number 408 for sanding groups as it were.slight hassle that the battery charge light does not turn off once the device is fully charged – you simply have to guess when the mill is in full charge.

After a few years, the rechargeable battery begins to fail, but can be replaced by the warranty or the owners can order a new battery pack.

Dremel 7300-PT is a popular tool which has a rechargeable battery and multiple speeds.2 speed uses 13000 and 6500 RPM speed settings that allow one to grind dogs in is cordless and hence portable as dogs can get entangled by has a variety of Dremel sanding bands and is given a 2-year warranty upon purchasing it.

About: The Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder is a popular nail grinding device made from the well-known Dremel brand, with multiple speeds and a rechargeable battery.

Speeds. It uses two rotational speed settings (6,500 and 13,000 RPM), which allows you to safely grind your dog’s nails in stages.

Without cable & Rechargeable. Without wires means that this tool is easy to transport and there is no risk of your dog getting tangled in the laces. Device is powered by removable and rechargeable battery.

Warranty. It comes with a 2 year warranty, which is always a good advantage!

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Compatibility. This Dremel tool is compatible with a wide variety of Dremel drums and sanding belts.

Note: It is worth noting that some owners will want a higher speed grinder. Dremel tools, and more powerful ones may be suitable for expert hairdressers, but regular pet owners should be careful, since faster sharpening can increase the likelihood of your dog’s rapid hit.

We suggest sticking to the lower speed nail mills listed here to be sure. However, if you are all about speed and feel confident with your grinding skills, a more powerful Dremel, such as the Dremel 7300, can be an option (plus it can be used for other processing or grinding needs). ).


  • It produces tolerable noise.
  • It comes along with a battery pack that is rechargeable.
  • Owners appreciate the rechargeable battery pack, which many prefer over batteries. He does not consider himself terribly tall.

URPOWER Pet Nail Grinder

The UrPOWER Pet Nail Grinder is intended to be rechargeable by usb with marker light. As soon as being absolutely charged, the processor might be all round carried out extra than 3 hours in constantly paintings.

Constructed with precious stone piece processor that’s more relaxed and extra viable than nail scissors to trim puppy nails, no substitutions required and sufficiently capable to trim your pets’ nail in a short span. Tranquil and safe the usage of wonderful quiet engine, metallic shaft, novel quiet innovation, delicately expel thin layers of nail with a sensitive sound. Pets might not be perplexed any extra

Useful for little expected and medium measured pets – the pet nail trimmer has 3 ports for diverse measured nails. You can choose an inexpensive one as in step with the pets’ size and characteristics in their nails.

In the occasion that it is the first run thru for the puppy to utilize nail processor, it’s far advised that the sharp fingernail or long wear elements should be granulated right off the bat, but now not all that a good deal, abstain from causing demise.

For puppy’s safety, it ought no longer be over 5 seconds for one enduring time, and recognize to regulate the prepping factor to clean pet nails, consistent with the pet’s size and characteristics in their nails, pick out the affordable port for your puppy.

Level three: holding the processor with one in all your fingers, protecting the pet cushions with the alternative hand, positioned its nail into a port delicately, and after that begin to weigh down, take off the plastic cover the processor an anticlockwise manner,flip it on and delicately clean the surface of the nail processor with eraser, paper or cloth to evacuate the nail powder.

About: The Pet UrPower nail is a slim, ergonomic-friendly nail grinder that is noticeably quieter than most other teeth.

Cap Guard. It comes with the protective cap that prevents sliding or sliding.

Extremely silent extra quiet and low vibrations, which is a good option, especially for nervous dogs.

Multiple grinding areas. This device has two grinding holes – one designed for smaller pets such as hamsters or rabbits, and the other slot for larger pets. However, this device only has one speed setting.

Warranty. It comes with a 180 day warranty, for your peace of mind.

AA batteries. It uses two AA batteries for power.

It is a slim and an ergonomic grinder which produces low has a guard cap that prevents sliding when being used. There are two grinding is for small pets while the other one is for large bets such as dogs. There is only one speed setting. Two AA batteries supply power. One is given a 180 days warranty upon purchasing it.

URPOWER Pet Nail Grinder Instructions

These instructions should be keenly followed;

-Charge the grinder using a USB cable for two hours.

-Choose the ideal port for a pet depending on its size and nail characteristics. Port 1 is for small pets, the second port is for medium and large pets while as the third port is for quick grinding.

-Hold the grinder with one hand and the dog’s paw with the other one. Gently insert its nail inside the port and grind it.

-Uncover the grinder and switch it on. Clean its surface with a cloth so as to remove nail powder.

-This grinder only has one configuration, as opposed to the multiple speeds the other grinders offer. Grinding is a fairly slow speed, but they do not seem to have the most problem owners with this.


  • The grinder is quiet compared to other brands
  • USB cable
  • The owners, keep in mind that this shredder is very quiet (although it gets stronger when you start grinding the nail).


  • It has confusing instructions which are hard to follow
  • It has only one speed setting which is relatively slow.
  • Some point out that the instructions in this product are confusing and difficult to follow. 

FURminator Nail Grinder

The furminator nail grinder enables owners to supervise puppy nail thoughts easily. This two-speed cordless processor gives advanced even as making certain wellness for pets and owners alike.

Provided with a programmed led mild and ergonomic equipment plan, the furminator nail grinder improves puppy nail thoughts and advances solace and health related with trimmed nails.

There are numerous reasons that ordinary visits on your puppy beautician aren’t commonly conceivable. With the furminator(R) gifted pleasant getting ready devices, you could accomplish talented consequences to your very own particular domestic.

As industry trend-setters and experts on pet hair, furminator(R) comprehends the complete losing cycle and the element that hair care and cleanliness play in reducing dropping and make you and your pet glad. Consequently, furminator built up a superior line of hair-mind, nail, cleanliness, and waterless objects.

Nail care  is the outstanding one amongs the maximum essential and to some diploma misjudged areas of puppy watch over maximum pet proprietors. Due to the fact nails require cutting and pounding and numerous puppy guardians worry harming their pets, however dismissing nail mind is further as unsafe. This tool is absolutely very fascinating to use and it is however going to safe time and money respectively.

It is a nail grinder which has multiple speeds and an LED Light. The 2 speed design enables one to adjust speed according to the grinding process. Led light illuminates nail when trimming hence minimizing uses several AA batteries which ensures that there is constant power supply. There are two grinding bands and a nail guard which prevents the grinder from being wrapped by fur.Some owners note that this shredder is quite noisy (although especially not as strong as a Dremel). Some owners complain that the grinding bands are sliding, although most do not seem to have a problem with this.

About: The furminator is a dog nail grinder with multiple speeds and an LED light for clearer images.

Speeds. It offers a 2-speed design, which allows the owner to adjust the speed based on the grinding need.

Led light. LED light provides lighting, offering a lighter appearance on your dog’s nails while you grind.

AA batteries. It works with 4 AA batteries for power.

Additional grinding bands. Comes with 2 replaceable grinding bands + 6-piece Bonus Pack plus grinding bands.

Nail Guard. Pin guard grinder helps prevent the dog’s skin from getting caught in the grinder.


  • LED light enhances illumination.
  • The AA batteries promote immediate grinding as they do not require to be powered up.
  • Owners love that light provides better visual effects for nail grinding, and many appreciate that batteries allow for immediate grinding (as opposed to packages that require time to turn on the load


  • It produces loud noise which could scare nervous dogs.
  • The grinding bands occasionally slip resulting to injuries.

It maintains a strategic distance from rapid and naturally closes up at better paces. Has a lightweight ergonomic define with finger grasps for included solace and higher control.

Brisk and powerful: used by specialists, nail processor hastily and successfully trims your pooch’s nails. Extraordinary-secure operation: whisper-peaceful, low torque engine is meant for the wellbeing of your domestic dog.

Highlights a variable velocity engine, coarseness prepping businesses and ergonomic plan corded nail grinder grooming drum grinding stone (2) 60 grit (2) a hundred grit preparing companies speeds from zero-20,000 rpm simplest eight.

7 oz education e-book carrying case power supply instruction guide and use guidelines secure and easy to make use of. Whilst utilising electric apparatuses, essential safety measures should be taken after: do now not place processor in water or unique fluids.

Close supervision is crucial when an electrical equipment is utilized near children. Supplier isn’t in charge of damage or harm caused by shameful taking care of or mission. However the Oster pets nail grinding kit is also a  very powerful tool use for trimming pets’ nails.

The tool has fine and medium grit bands. Medium grit can be used for main grinding while can grit is for polishing nails. This grinder has a safety measure which stops its head from rotating if it gets wrapped by a cloth or a hair is also enclosed inside a has affordable replacement parts.


  • It is suitable for sanding nails.
  • It is tiny compared to other models but it has better ergonomic features.
  • It comes along with a carrying case.


  • It scares many dogs because of its loud noise.
  • It has a low setting which slows down the trimming process.
  • Its design is friendlier to dogs than to humans.
Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder

Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder

Pedi paws is the revolutionary calm Dog nail grinder for your puppy or feline. It is the most up to date and speediest approach to keep your pets nails trim, adjusted and clean and not using a wreckage.

Acquainting your pet with some thing new takes tolerance and a simple device. Pet guardians despise trimming pooch nails and depend upon expensive prepping on the puppy shop. Presently you may absolutely trim your pets nails anywhere without the pain because of normal nail scissors.

Presently experience like a expert within the safety of your property. Pedi paws thriller is the exactness emery recording wheel that tenderly evacuates skinny layers of your pets nail whilst protective your private home from scratches, leaving your pets paws touchably sensitive in the intervening time.

Pets value the sensitive nature leaving behind them quiet and upbeat. The thrilling shielding top allows just the suitable measure of nail to be expelled and includes each one of the filings so there may be no wreckage.

Dont forget about your buy of pedi paws substitution heads while required. Start treating your puppy like one of the family. You and your pet will love pedi paws. Pedi paws calm nail grinder makes your dog feel good while you used it.

It is a versatile tool which can be used to groom, clip and trim different breeds of dogs.

The tool is cheap and one can easily use it.


  • It has an emery filling wheel which has high precision.
  • There is a cap which guards and stores nail fillings.
  • It has a user friendly design.


  • It is not ideal for large dogs since it has a small cap.
  • It is battery-operated and hence it can automatically switch off before nail trimming is completed.
  • The grinder is intolerable to some dogs
Conair Pro Dog Nail Grinder

Conair Pro Dog Nail Grinder

Conair professional dog nail grinder that comes from the popular conair mark, that is commonplace for its class items, apparatuses and frill, yet they’re likewise awesome for their processors, which are all round appeared in the market.

It’s far a nail processor that gives gifted exceptional for puppies of all sizes and breeds. Notwithstanding, it need to be said that it’s far just for canine, and no distinct creatures.

That is a nail processor that is amazingly tranquil and is to a brilliant degree well made. With it, you additionally get a flexible cowl that is utilized to make certain your canine. Likewise, something else you get with the processor are the stone and sander connections, which can be absolutely swappable. It is extraordinarily agreeable to preserve and simple to make use of.

It have to likewise be said that this processor seems remarkable and that it has gotten overwhelmingly high quality surveys. Some experts even claim that it is advanced to the dremels object. This is for the most component since it has the capability of ultimate cool a remarkable deal longer than the various processors, making it virtually surely incredible.

The conair professional nail grinder takes a shot at pooches of all sizes and breeds. It does as such absolutely securely, and is thought to be a standout amongst other processors available. It allows you to granulate the nails totally without difficulty and rapidly.

It is a corded tool with many positive reviews. The grinder has unique accessories and a long power duration.


  • It is a quiet and affordable tool which is ideal for nervous dogs.
  • It has a cap which protects nails against dust.
  • The grinder has consistent performance even when trimming tough nails.


  • It is complicated to many dog owners.
Furry Fido Pet Nail Grinder

Furry Fido Pet Nail Grinder

Furry fido nail grinder package is a easy grasped, light-weighted, and welcoming outline with a strength motor which is ideal for pounding all kinds of felines and small& medium breeds dogs. 

This tool has some degree in how to use it. First degree is to set up two AA  batteries. While the second degree is to be used according to the pet’s length and attributes of their nails, choose an appropriate velocity, and the third degree is by  maintaining the processor with one in all your arms, protecting the puppy cushions with the other hand, positioned the sand band close to its nail, and in a while start to pound.

Moreover highlights and diffused factors, Making ready at domestic and save your cash: with 2 forward and 2 flip around speeds (7,500 and 10,000 rpm that is higher than most processors on market it), your cordless nail processor is adequately effective to groom any length pets at domestic.

Sensitive and secure on pets paws: you needn’t trouble with someone else to maintain your pet while trimming their nails now. Our nail trimmer is unimaginably minimal, tranquil and light-weight which affect your pet worry to free. It’s miles plenty advanced to the nail scissors

Multi ergonomic and creative design: a streamline frame with a heat spot light and a adorable stockpiling case have an effect on your prepping to paintings like an art. No pets can deny their parents so sweet and lovely planning.

The grinder has an ergonomic shape which eases handling it when grooming.


  • It is easy for one to use it as it has different sanders.
  • It has a high speed and hence minimizes boredom in dogs.


  • It can only trim nails of small breed dogs.
  • Its design is human friendly and less dog-friendly.
Furry Fido Pet Nail Grinder

Wahl Pet Nail Grinder

Wahl is satisfied to discharge the final nail grinder. Effortlessly granulate away unwanted cloth to perform the short, adjusted nails so wanted by using the pooch suggest world with the last expert electric managed nail processor.

Light-weight, ergonomic define with finger grasps for covered solace. Variable speed lets in manipulate level to correctly and securely weigh down nails.

This tool is a credible powerful trimmer  your puppy endures sensibly properly. There are  unique varieties of sanding guidelines for both tough tasks and little trims. You may also  keen on that it is not battery labored, and in addition to that there is an  alternative. The tool has a  dial section which you have all the ability  selecting the speed you really preferred.

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There is also one point you can take note of, what you have to do while using this tool it is very much important, first and foremost, abstain from tangling of hair, push hair far from pets paws earlier than applying processor, Significant puppies-position the front paw forward with a specific quit intention to granulate nails, Little puppies-keep paws up and position it under their body with a view to pound nails. However this tool is very essential you will have no regrets while you use.

It a corded grinder which has a great design and a reliable band. This ensures constant power supply and a high quality nail finish.

Wahl Pet Nail Grinder

Wahl Pet Nail Grinder Instructions

The following instructions should be followed when operating this grinder.

-Apply light pressure to a dog’s paw using your thumb. Separate the toes and hold its paw firmly.
-Use the switch button at the front of the grinder to turn it on.

-File the nail from the bottom and slowly move the grinder up to the tip. Move the grinder sideways while applying consistent pressure.

-Push away the dog’s hair before using the grinder. Use a nylon stocking to cover the jaw and push a dog’s nails through it.

-For large breed dogs, the front paw should be positioned in front in order to file the nails.
-For small breed dogs, lift up the leg and place it before the dog’s body. Be cautious not to wrap the grinder with hair.

Instructions when changing the grinder’s attachments

-Switch off the appliance first

-Press the release button at the top of the grinder so as to unlock its locking nut

-While firmly pressing the release button with your thumb, turn the grinder’s locking nut clockwise until all attachments are released

-Insert the attachment’s head and securely tighten the locking nut

-Gently remove your thumb from the release button

When applying band to the filing drum, one should select 80 sanding grit band. It has an efficient filing.100 grit fine band should be used to smoothen nails. The filing band should then be placed onto the filing is properly secured by adjusting a screw at the top of the filing drum using a screw driver. Screwing in a clockwise direction enables the filing drum to expand hence ensuring it is firmly fixed.

After being used, dust and debris should be removed from a Wahl pet grinder using a brush. Its housing should be leaned using a soft cloth. Worn out filing bands and grinding attachments should be frequently replaced.


  • -It has attachmentswhich make it ideal for grinding different dog breeds and other has a smooth nail finish.
  • The grinder has a light body which has a nice can be easily handled for long.
  • The back of its attachments has an ample storage space.


  • it is intolerable to some dogs due to its loud noise, friction and high speed.

How to Grind a Dog’s Nails

The following are tips on how to grind a dog’s nails while minimizing injuries.

Use the Wahl Bravura Lithium Dog Clipper while grooming your pet. The clipper has the unique durability and power of lithium batteries. It has adjustable steel blades that give your dog a smooth hair cut. It has no cord attached to it and hence having a light weight. The Bravura clipper can operate for 90 minutes without being recharged. It has a high speed compared to that of Andis 22360 agc Super-2-Speed Clipper.It only needs to be charged for an hour and you can use it as it charges. Wahl dog clipper is suitable for trimming horses, cats and dogs. It can groom both medium and long haired animals with thick coats. 

1. Decide where to begin first

The ideal starting point is the nails bottom. It has a nerve and a blood vessel which if cut, it could cause profuse bleeding. In dogs with bright nails, the quick is visible where as in dogs with dull nails; the quick can’t be clearly seen. One should cut a small piece at a time so as not to cause immense pain to the dog.

2. Gently grasp the dog’s paw

Your hand should be in the same direction as that of the paw. Stabilize the top of front paws with your thumb. One should avoid holding in between the dog’s pads as it may be ticklish.

3. Lay the dog sideways

The dog can be placed on a table. It would prevent you from bending constantly as well as restraining the dog. Grasp his rear foot and grind its nails as you place your other arm across his body. If he is a large drop and he attempts to stand, place one of your arms above his neck as you lean your upper body over his body.

4. Be keen on the nail’s shape

The nail’s bottom is usually straight until its tip where it then curves. When trimming it, you should cut it along that straight line as you also avoid the quick. It is advisable to cut from the top to the bottom and not sideways as it could split the nail. Extreme angles should also be avoided.

5. Tip the nails

Firmly hold the toe that you are trimming and make a thin cut at the tip of the nail. Constantly remove small pieces of the nail until it attains the length that you desire or an oval shape appears at the cut section. You should stop trimming since you are now close to the quick. Any dewclaws present should also be cut. They are normally on the inside part of the dog’s leg. One may have to trim them more frequently than other nails since they don’t get worn out as the dog walks.

6. Constantly reassure the dog

In case you accidentally cut the quick, it is necessary to give the dog assurance. You can distract him by giving him a treat. One can also calm the dog if he was in a good lying position from the start. You should keep him in place by draping your arms across his body and standing above him. It prevents him from running away.

7.Carefully file the dog’s nails

After being trimmed, nails usually have a rough surface. They should be smoothened using a grinder so as to avoid scratches.

8. Keep the dog calm

In some instances, a dog may wriggle as you cut its nail. You should reassure him in a calm manner to alert him that his nails must be trimmed. A treat can come in handy in doing this. If you are firm in reassuring him as you continue cutting his nails, the dog will simply oblige to you. Various breeds and ages of dogs have different concentration spans. For example, when trimming a puppy, you might be able to trim only two nails before he starts fidgeting.

Once this begins, you should give him a break. However, you should try to ensure that in each session, you have trimmed more nails compared to the previous ones. This will enable him to eventually trim all nails in a single sitting.

In case you cut the quick, apply styptic powder immediately. Hold the affected leg and press this powder onto the nail’s end until bleeding ceases. If it is profuse, you should continue applying the powder for few minutes. You should calm the dog as you do this.

Final Verdict

Grinding a dog’s nails should be carried out cautiously. If it’s the first time that a dog’s nails are being trimmed and the quick gets cut accidentally, the dog might oppose being trimmed in future. One can easily get the best dog nail grinders to use from various stores.

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