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Holiday Cookie Ideas for Reptile Lovers3D lizard cookies

Photo courtesy of Julia M Usher

Looking for something a little different to bring to this year’s holiday party? Want to bring something that reflects your personality just as much as the festivity of the season? Cookies are a traditional holiday dessert, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, conventional cookies.

This article shares a few interesting holiday cookie ideas for reptile lovers.

Cute lizard sugar cookies

This cookie is probably the easiest one on the list to make. It’s a simple, iced sugar cookie recipe that just needs to be shaped into lizards. They look kind of like geckos to me.

Here’s a picture:

Lizard sugar cookies

Photo courtesy of Into the Cookie Jar

These cookies can be iced in any color of royal icing—all you need is food coloring to make any color you like. You’ll also need candy pearls or sprinkles for the eyes, and a food marker to draw on the mouths after the icing hardens.

The only other special tool that’s entirely necessary is a lizard-shaped cookie cutter. No lizard cookie cutter? You can learn to make your own with the video tutorial below:

Alternatively, you can make paper templates and hand cut the cookies. Learn how to make lizard sugar cookies at Into the Cookie Jar.

Strawberry snake cookies

These snake-shaped cookies are also fairly easy to make. After shaping the dough and baking, you fill these sandwich cookies with jam and strawberry slices and then top with whipped cream and strawberries. A couple of chocolate chips make the eyes.

Here’s a picture of the finished product:

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Strawberry snake cookies

Photo courtesy of Friessinger Mühle

Of course, you can make these cookies bigger or smaller than pictured. Learn to make strawberry snake cookies here.

Iced snake cookies

Don’t have cookie cutters? Or just don’t want to cut out elaborate designs into your cookies? This next reptile cookie recipe just requires a simple, round cookie. You could even use premade cookies if you want.

All you need to do is use different colors of icing to draw colorful snakes on top of white-iced cookies. Here’s the picture:

Iced snake cookies

Photo courtesy of CookieDelicious NZ

Here’s the video that shows you how to make these iced snake cookies.

The next holiday cookie recipe in this article looks the most elaborate, but it’s not too complicated. You will, admittedly, need a few special supplies for this one, though.

To make these lizard cookies, you need to make a few different shapes of cookie and use something to texturize the dough to look like lizard skin. Then, you assemble the cookies, gluing them together with corn syrup.

The result is a pretty cool looking 3D cookie:

3D lizard cookies

Photo courtesy of Julia M Usher

The results may not look edible, but rest assured that everything in the recipe can be eaten. Learn to make 3D lizard cookies with this video tutorial.

I hope you try out some new cookie recipes this holiday season! If you do, share photos of the results at:

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