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Types of Frogs that Make Good Pets

Thinking about bringing a frog home? You’ve got plenty of options to choose from. In fact, frogs come in many different species.

But some frogs make better pets than others.

Here’s a list of a few frogs that are great pets for novice amphibian keepers…

White’s tree frog

Two White's tree frogs

Photos courtesy of Wickens Wicked Reptiles

White’s tree frogs are one of the easier species of frogs to care for. They don’t mind handling as much as other species, and even if they do bite you, it doesn’t hurt. Also, they’re not particularly fragile.

But remember that you really should not be handling frogs and other pet amphibians. This is true for any frog on this list. It’s bad for their health. You can occasionally pick them up for moving to a new enclosure and things like that.

Another benefit of the white’s tree frog is that it is relatively large compared to other frogs, making them more robust and easier to see and enjoy in their enclosure. White’s tree frogs are an arboreal species, so you can watch them climbing branches and other objects in their enclosure, and sometimes they turn color to purple at night, an interesting feature you don’t see in some other pet frogs.

Pixie frog

Pixie frog in a container

The pixie frog is also called the African bullfrog. Despite the image you might conjure from its name, it’s actually a pretty big frog. One of the things that make them so interesting as pets is their unique call.

These big frogs are also fairly easy to take care of, and they’ve been bred in captivity for many years now, making their care requirements well known.

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Pixie frogs grow to between four and ten inches long and can live up to forty-five years.

Pac Man frogs

Pac man frog

Pac man frogs are large, cool-looking frogs that are super easy to take care of. They are a terrestrial frog without a lot of care requirements. These are another hardy frog that does well as a pet.

Pac man frogs, for comparison, tend to be slightly smaller than pixie frogs and live up to twenty years. You’ll want to have a separate terrarium for each pac man frog you keep because these guys can be cannabilistic.

Each of these frogs—White’s tree frog, pixie frog, and pac man frog—are tropical and need warm temperatures with high humidity.

If any of the frogs on this list look interesting to you, you can check out their full care requirements at:

The The-Dyed Iguana’s exotic pet care sheets

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