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Which Exotic Pets Can You Order Online?

Want an exotic pet but don’t have an exotic pet shop near you? Here’s some good news. In some cases, you can get an animal shipped to your door by ordering online.

Of course, not all animals can be shipped safely. So which animals can you order online?

Here’s a list of the exotic pets that can most likely be shipped to you safely…


Many invertebrates are a lot hardier for travel than vertebrate animals are, and you’ve actually got a lot of options when it comes to these kinds of pets.


Spiders are perhaps the most popular invertebrate pet, with tarantulas being a top choice. Many species of spiders can be shipped safely, and spiders come in many varieties.


Scorpions are another type of arachnid that can be kept as a pet. Like spiders, they come in a few different species, such as the Asian forest scorpion, the desert hairy scorpion, and the tailless whip scorpion.


Millipedes are not the most usual pet choice, but they are great for someone who wants a unique pet. And no, unlike the centipede, they are not venomous.


Crabs may not seem to fit with the more bug-like creatures above, but they are also invertebrates, and they can make interesting pets. Hermit crabs change out their shells and can even be trained to tolerate handling.

In fact, here’s an article on how to handle hermit crabs:

You Won’t Get Pinched Every Time You Hold Your Hermit Crab…If You Know How to Do It Right


Among the most common amphibians to order online are frogs. You can find many frog species on our own online store, including bullfrogs, tree frogs, arrow frogs, dart frogs, and Pacman frogs.

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Tortoises are fairly hardy pets, and smaller species do okay with shipping. You can often have a Hermann’s tortoise, red foot tortoise, or Russian tortoise delivered, especially if you live in a climate similar to what they prefer.


Generally, the larger a reptile is, the more difficult it is to order online. That makes lizards a perfect choice if you can’t physically visit a reptile store. Among those that can safely be shipped are several species of geckos, bearded dragons, skinks, anoles, and European legless lizards.

What else do you need to know about getting live animals shipped to your door? The most important thing to understand is that the temperatures where you live will determine whether it’s safe even for hardier animals to be delivered to you. You want to make sure that when the animal arrives, it will arrive to conditions that are habitable for it. So if it’s freezing outside, it’s probably not the best time to get a live pet sent to your place.

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