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How to Train Your Pet Budgie

For the owners of birds, these can be one of the funniest and most versatile pets around. With their incredible memory and repetitive learning skills, birds have the ability to pick up on things very quickly and perform them at a very high skill level.

For the owners of budgies, more commonly known as a parakeet, these birds are some of the best to be able to train, especially when teaching your bird to perform tricks and stunts. This process is not a simple one, however, and will certainly take some time to master.

If you are looking to teach your budgie some new tricks and stunts, here are some helpful tips to follow.

Acclimate to their surroundings

When you are looking to train your bird to pick up some new skills and tricks, the first step in this process is to get your budgie properly acclimated to their surroundings so they be in the most comfortable setting and mindset possible. Getting your budgie accustomed to a daily routine is one of the best things you can do for its trick learning.

This should encompass everything from its food and water intake, introducing it to treats, and how often you interact with it.

Hand Motions

Once your bird is properly used to its surroundings and daily routine, you can begin to get it used to some hand motions and directions to get it to learn some tricks.

You should carry the bird around the house with you whenever you can so it can become used to you and what the area outside of the cage is like. Doing training away from the cage is also key as this will also make the bird more comfortable and likely to follow your directions.

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Repetition and consistency

When starting out with budgie training, matching actions with words in a repetitive and consistent pattern is the biggest key to success.

When moving your finger up and down to get the bird to do the same, firmly say the words “up” and “down” to coincide with the movement of your hand as the bird follows it with its head. The same application can also work when you are introducing it to moving left and right.

For the budgie owner looking to train their bird, these simple tips and tricks should get you started. Remember to be firm and consistent with your bird as they will respond to the tone in your voice.

Do you have any strategies that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

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