5 Steps To Teach Your Dog To Pick Up Their Toys

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As a loving pet owner, you’ve probably spoiled your dog with a ton of toys. But ending up cleaning the living room filled with dog toys can be time-consuming. 

Your dog might not have any concept of being clean, but you can train them to clean up after playing with their toys. Read on and follow the steps to find out more!

Step 1Step 1

Step #1 : 

To get started, you’ll need to prepare the following items:

Toy Box

A dog toy box helps keep all of your pet’s toys organized and clutter-free in your home. The best toy storage should be made of durable materials that will not break or tear easily. You can choose different colors and sizes based on your preference, adding an aesthetic to your house. 


The goal is to train your dog to bring their toys to the designated box using cues. Give your dog treats that he loves to excite and motivate him. 

Step 2Step 2

Step #2: 

Teach your dog to be comfortable getting toys on command and aiming them for the toy box. Teaching cues are helpful, as well as pointing toward the box when he approaches you with a toy. Playing fetch is a good first step if your dog is still apprehensive about picking up their toys. 

Step 3Step 3

Step #3: 

This is where treats come in. Practice the “drop.” Make sure your dog understands that the toy they have must fall into the toy box. Simply hand your dog the toy above the box to reinforce the idea that the toys should be placed inside. Once this is done, give him lots of treats and praise and start moving the box little by little away from the original position to see if he still goes in to drop the toy. Try doing it a few times, then increase the difficulty of the activity. If he does this successfully, you can continue to move the box further away. If not, move the box to its original place as he needs more time to process it. 

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Step 4Step 4

Step #4: 

You can now begin to offer a specific verbal cue for putting toys away, such as “toy box” or whatever cue you choose, as long as your pet can easily follow it. Use your cue to ask your dog to place the toy in the box while they have it in their mouth.

Step 5Step 5

Step #5: 

You can add more toys to train your dog as he becomes more familiar with the cues and is effective at picking up and dropping toys. Ask them to put two or more toys away before rewarding them. 

By practicing all these steps regularly, your dog is on the way to becoming a cleaning machine. Do you have any more tips to share?

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