Tips To Help Your Dog Enjoy Walks

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Walking your dog every day provides a healthy mental and physical boost. Moreover, it allows him to explore things while developing a sense of bonding between you and your pet. It is essential to make it a habit, but not all dogs like it. Your dog’s refusal to walk may be because of leash reactivity, unfamiliar territory, fear, over-excitement, or they are simply not ready to go. 

So, how do you make walking more enjoyable? Here are a few tips you can do to make walks more fun for your dog. 

Let Them Sniff AroundLet Them Sniff Around

Let Them Sniff Around

To overcome fear and provide more stimulation, let them sniff around the neighborhood during walks. The scents help them understand the things around them. They mark their regular routes and sniff out familiar scents from other dogs who have already marked those locations.

Leash TrainingLeash Training

Leash Training

Use traditional leashes instead of retractables. Veterinarians do not recommend this because it poses danger and causes injuries to both humans and dogs. The most common problem is that someone’s leg gets caught in the leash as the dog pulls it around, and the thin leash can cut the flesh. In extreme cases, it can cause amputations to fingers and legs, even in pets. You can also use other effective tools, such as clip-on harnesses and occasional halters. 

Practice The Distance And ControlPractice The Distance And Control

Practice The Distance and Control

The more distance you can get between your dog and a trigger, the better your walks will be. When other dogs are on the way, get as far as needed. Establish and maintain control of your dog at all times. Use cues and reinforce calm behavior. If a car, birds, or people distract them, bring your dog’s favorite treats along the way to get their attention. 

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Teach The Emergency U TurnTeach The Emergency U Turn

Teach The Emergency U-Turn

Reactive dogs may catch you off guard during walks. Teaching the emergency U-turn means you need to communicate well with your dog in high-stress environments. Begin by walking your dog forward at a fast pace, then call your dog’s name and say “this way” in a cheerful tone while tapping your leg closest to your dog and making a U-turn. 

And that’s it! Did you enjoy reading these tips? 

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