5 Reasons You Should NEVER Punish Your Cat

To Punish or Not to Punish: That is the question

Any cat owner knows: Cats can be a little bit, shall we say, temperamental at times. Without words to tell us how they feel about their surroundings, physical sensations, or food, cats are masterful at communicating displeasure with behavior that isn’t always ideal. For instance, a cat that has moved to a new house might show his displeasure by making the entire home his personal litter box. More so than that, he might just choose to do his business everywhere in the house BUT the litter box.

The temptation is to treat this problem with punishment, however, experts say that not only is this behavior counterproductive, it is also unfair, as it gives your cat the same cognitive expectations as a human.

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Please consider the following reasons before you decide to punish your furry friend…


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