Halloween Safety Tips For Cats

Greetings, my pawsome human minions. ‘Tis Forrest Wisewhiskers, here again, with the cat knowledge you yearn to learn.

Halloween is upon us, bringing to life the season of the witch. And when you think of witches, what do you think of next? That’s right, the cat—her faithful familiar. But let me ask you this…is it really the season of the cat, but the witch gets all the credit? Just a thought for you to gnaw on.

I’ve gathered you here, oh faithful minions of the feline, to discuss Halloween safety for your cat. While it’s a season that holds myriad wonders and magic, it can also bring woe to kitties. But these Halloween safety tips for cats can keep your spooky season one of delight!

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats

Keep Kitties Indoors, Especially on The Big Night

My kitty brethren, heed my words! The first rule of Halloween is to stay inside! For some of you, that’s no problem, but for others who love to stalk the night, listen to my warning and stay in the house. Or on an enclosed porch. Or in the garage. Just stay somewhere where you won’t get mixed up in trouble when all the humans are out and about for the big night and its festivities. While most people just want to say hello to a kitty, there are creeps in the world, so stay in and avoid strangers altogether!

And pawrents, keep a close eye on your cats to be sure they don’t dash out a door in the comings and goings of the tricking and treating. If your cat is prone to rushing an open door or gets nervous at the sound of the doorbell, it might be a good idea to set them up in a quiet bedroom with food, water, litter, and a closed door to keep out the chaos.

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Microchips are Magical

While we don’t want to think about a kitty getting lost from home, it’s good to already have some precautions in place, just in case. Microchips can help cats get back home again, and so can collars with ID tags that have your up-to-date contact information. These are things to take care of before Halloween, so you’re prepared for what-ifs that hopefully never come to pass.

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Take Care with Kids and Cats

If your kitty isn’t one who spends much time around children, Halloween might not be the ideal night to start. If you have guests with kids, don’t force your cat into visiting with them. And make sure your furkid has access to a quiet, calm place to avoid children if they aren’t up for saying hello to little ones. Also, if you already know your cat doesn’t like children, go ahead and give them that quiet bedroom setup we discussed earlier.

No Candy for Cats

Sugar is bad for cats; ergo, cats should avoid candy. Chocolate candy is especially a no-no as it’s toxic to cats. And I’ll say this, even the smell of chocolate stings my nose with its stink. I don’t know how Mom and Dad can eat that garbage, but boy, do they. Even if you aren’t into chocolate, don’t give your cat any hard or chewy candies either. Both can be choking hazards. And those oh-so-crinkly candy wrappers can be, too, so be sure to keep those away from grabby kitty paws!

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If you want to give your cat something delicious for Halloween, try one of these 9 Fall-Inspired Homemade Cat Treats Your Feline Will Love To Eat!

Use Caution with Spooky Décor

My mother takes great joy in decorating the abode for Halloween. I enjoy helping her. All those glittery skulls need to be touched because the spooky lights make them irresistible. But mom’s a spoilsport; she puts all the stuff I long to touch where I can’t reach it. But I’ve taken my revenge for being denied access. Mom can’t use fake spiderwebs anymore because I am a master of their destruction. And she got sick of untangling me from them and helping me get the webs off my tongue, so she stopped using them. Ha! Point: Forrest.

Seriously though, keep danglies, breakables, electrical cords, and other decorative cat temptations out of kitty’s reach. This goes double when it comes to candles. In fact, if kitties control your house, it might be better to stick with battery-operated flameless candles for safety purposes.

To Costume or Not

If your cat doesn’t care for costumes, you’re undoubtedly well aware of the fact already, so it’s best to skip it if you know your cat doesn’t care for dressing up. But if your furry diva doesn’t mind donning a fun disguise, be sure the costume is the right size and doesn’t restrict movement, sight, or hearing. And then, once your cat is dressed and ready, be sure you share their pictures with me and the rest of the cat lovers around here.

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Now, after all this worry over Halloween safety precautions, your kitty might need a snack to soothe their worried mind, so don’t forget to feed the cat!

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