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Cute Mother’s Day Ideas for Moms Who Love Reptiles

Mother’s day is coming up soon, and a lot of places are probably suggesting gifts for the occasion, but not all moms like the traditional gifts. If your mom is one who’d prefer something a little more unique—something herp or invertebrate related, perhaps—then we have some suggestions for you.

Here are some unique mother’s day gift ideas for moms who love reptiles, amphibians, or other exotic pets…

(Note that these are NOT affiliate links, just some neat ideas we found.)

Spider, snake, or lizard chocolate

Tarantula spider chocolate

Sure, chocolate is a traditional mother’s day gift, but did you know you can get chocolate molded like a tarantula, snake, or gecko? Morkes Chocolates sells all these shapes, as well as worm and dinosaur chocolates. Seems more interesting than a chocolate bar.

Serpent necklace

Snake necklace

Jewelry is another traditional gift that you can put a unique spin on. Jewelry makers on Etsy sell a surprising selection of reptile jewelry, like this snake necklace.

Gecko ear cuff

Gecko ear cuff jewelry

Looking for a jewelry piece that’s a bit more subtle? This gecko lizard ear cuff is pretty neat. The lizard hangs on the ear and looks like a tiny gecko decided to climb on and hang out there. It’s an interesting piece of jewelry that lizard-keeping moms would love.

Tortoise cookie cutter

Tortoise cookie cutter

Does your mom like to bake? A tortoise cookie cutter might be just the thing to combine her love of reptiles and her love of sweet treats. Anne Clark Cookie Cutters also sells sea turtle, frog, and dinosaur cookie cutters if you want to send a set.

Bug snacks

Moms who are adventurous eaters might also appreciate some of the insect snacks we sell at The Tye-Dyed Iguana in Fairview Heights. We have Crick-Ettes in salt & vinegar, bacon & cheese, and sour cream & onion flavors. Or for a sweeter bug snack, we have Cricket Lick-It suckers in several flavors. You can usually find some snacks at the checkout counter if you’ll be around the local shop.

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Snake tealight candle holder

White snake tealight candle holder

Candles are a nice gift for moms who like relaxing fragrances or just the way flickering flames look, and if you’re going that route, a reptile candle holder can make the gift more personalized. This candle holder is shaped like a snake wrapped around whatever tealight candle is placed in the center.

Realistic snake tealight candle holder

As another option, you can get your mother a snake tealight candle holder with more realistic snake coloring, like this one.

Snake candle

Snake candle

This snake candle won’t fit in the candle holders above, but it looks pretty fabulous on its own. If your mom likes her candles themselves to be part of the décor, this snake makes an attention-getting piece.

Hopefully these give you some good gift ideas for the mom whose interests align more with the creepy, crawly things than what common mother’s day gifts provide. And if your mom is in the market for a new exotic pet, feel free to bring her into The Tye-Dyed Iguana to browse.

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