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Easy Ways to Display Your Reptile or Amphibian BetterTerrariums on caster wheels

Rating Your Adorable & Questionable Reptile Setups – #5 by GoHerping

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by other people’s terrariums. The internet is full of pictures and videos of extravagant setups, and it can make herp keepers feel like they have to go to extreme lengths to have a setup that looks good.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

There are plenty of terrarium design and display options that look nice without requiring hours of work. In fact, just switching up where you keep the terrarium can make a big difference in appearance.

Here are a few ideas you can try out for your exotic pet.

The minimalistic setup

Minimalist terrarium with white walls

Rating Your Adorable & Questionable Reptile Setups – #5 by GoHerping

Sure, lots of people put tons of plants, rock walls, misters, and backdrops in their animals’ habitats, but you don’t have to. A simple terrarium with a few basic enrichment features can look clean and neat, and still be comfortable for your reptile or amphibian.

A setup like the one in this picture doesn’t look overwhelming. There are clearly plenty of places for an animal to hide or climb, though.

Back to back setup

Back-to-back terrariums

Rating Your Adorable & Questionable Reptile Setups – #5 by GoHerping

If you keep a lot of animals, that doesn’t mean the display room has to look cluttered. By strategically placing several similar looking terrariums, you can keep the room looking neat and still get to show off all your reptiles and amphibians.

The room shown here keeps things looking nice by using mostly dark-colored stands, tops, and light domes. Placing a couple of terrariums back-to-back on same height stands is also a nice way to make more room while keeping the look intentional. The cabinets beneath both raise the animals to viewing height and hide any pet care essentials that otherwise clutter a room.

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Nightstand terrariums

Terrariums on nightstands

Rating Your Adorable & Questionable Reptile Setups – #5 by GoHerping

Figuring out where to put the terrariums can be a difficult decision. Sometimes, however, you can use your existing furniture as a place to display your exotic pet. In this setup, the tanks are displayed on regular nightstands and a chest of drawers, which also provide a place to store supplies.

When the rest of the room is kept tidy, the terrariums and the exotic pets inside look like a cohesive part of the room.

Terrariums on caster carts

Rating Your Adorable & Questionable Reptile Setups – #5 by GoHerping

These matching carts with caster wheels make the placement of the terrariums look like an intentional part of the room décor. Unlike standard wire shelves, the metal and wood carts give the whole setup a more sophisticated aesthetic.

After all, your exotic pet is not an afterthought, so why should their display area be one?

How do you display your reptile or amphibian? We’d love to see! Share your exotic pet photo at The Tye-Dyed Iguana Facebook page.

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