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Who Knew there were So Many Kinds of Geckos?

Thinking about getting a lizard for a pet? You’ve got a lot of options. In fact, even within certain categories of lizards, there are many species and sub-types.

For instance, there is not just a single species of gecko. There are hundreds. And of those dozens, many of them are kept as exotic pets.

Here’s a rundown of some of the kinds of geckos you can find in exotic pet stores…

Giant day geckos

Okay, when you hear the term “giant” in terms of lizards, you may think of tegus or iguanas, or even komodo dragons. But giant day geckos are still relatively…small. They’re just big for geckos.

They’re an easy to find species of gecko that is diurnal, meaning you can watch them being active during the day. This species is not particularly good at being handled.

Green giant day gecko on back of hand

Photo courtesy of Wickens Wicked Reptiles

Click here for Giant Day Gecko Care Sheet

Tokay geckos

Tokay geckos are another larger gecko species, and they have a pretty blue coloring with tan spots. Like giant day geckos, they are not particularly good at being handled and can be defensive.

They are fast and prone to biting, so they are best for either experienced reptile keepers or someone who is content to have pets that are just for looking at.

Tokay gecko on back of hand

Photos courtesy of Wickens Wicked Reptiles

Tokay gecko climbing bark

Click here for Tokay Gecko Care Sheet

Leopard gecko

Leopard geckos are one of the most popular geckos to keep as a pet. They are one of the easiest to handle geckos on this list (of course, handleability also has a lot to do with how accustomed the animal is to handling).

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Leopard geckos are very easy to care for.

Leopard gecko next to shoe

Photos courtesy of Wickens Wicked Reptiles

Leopard gecko

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Crested gecko

Crested geckos are another popular and handleable species that is easy to care for. Like leopard geckos, you can find them easily at many reptile shops.

You’ll easily recognize a crested gecko because of the crest on its head.

Crested gecko

Photo courtesy of Clint’s Reptiles

Click here for Crested Gecko Care Sheet

Gargoyle gecko

Despite their vastly different names, gargoyle geckos are quite similar to crested geckos, and this species also makes an excellent pet. A big difference between the two, however, is their appearance. Gargoyle geckos tend to have a bit more color variation, and they have noticeable blue eyes.

One perk of gargoyle geckos is that they tend to be a bit more chill than other gecko species. That makes them great for reptile keepers who want a pet they can hold and interact with.

Gargoyle gecko

Photos courtesy of Clint’s Reptiles

Gargoyle gecko

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If you’d like to know more about geckos in general, feel free to talk to the friendly team at The Tye-Dyed Iguana in Fairview Heights.

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