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Caring for a dog is like having your baby for the first time. They may need constant attention, love, and some training. Your daily activities will now make way to accommodate a new member of the family, and your life will never be the same, but for good. 

There are so many dog breeds, and it may not be easy to choose the right one. So before taking home the next lovely puppy, you see in a pet shop or dog shelter, there are some things you may need to consider, like energy levels, grooming needs, looks, and sizes.

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What dog breeds should you consider?

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

When is the best time to get a dog?

What dog breeds should you consider?

If you’re searching for your first ever dog, the following breeds may be perfect for you and your family:

Golden Retriever – a golden retriever, is an endearing dog to have. They’re eager to please and could shower you with all the affection you need. They’re great with kids and adults alike, making them one of the best companions at home, especially for newlywed couples or those expecting their first baby. They’re medium to large and are friendly and very loyal. This breed is intelligent and adaptable in any household you put them into, and since they’re also quite active, they may need regular exercises in the morning or afternoon. However, they love learning and can be trained without much difficulty. Grooming can be quite difficult but not impossible to maintain, and it may need regular brushing to keep its coat clean.

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Poodle – a poodle is a versatile and intelligent breed that makes them an amazing companion to have. They pick up on routines easily and are easiest to train. They adapt with kids so well, too. This breed comes in small to medium sizes, and they require regular physical and mental stimulation, so a trip outside is never a wrong idea with a poodle. They may also need regular grooming to keep their curly coat continually growing.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – This breed is as majestic as their name makes them seem to be. They’re sweet, affectionate, and have a gentle demeanor that makes them a great partner for children of all ages. Moderate exercise is all they need, so occasional trips to the park are enough to sustain their need for activity. Regular brushing for this breed is necessary to avoid tangles in the hair.

Boxer – a boxer is an instinctive guardian who loves to be around children. They’re affectionate, protective, and very patient, which makes them a top choice for any family who wants to have a dog. They’re perfect for someone who lives an active life, too, since they enjoy daily exercises and tend to exude high energy at play. Training is easy with a boxer, and they learn quite faster than the rest of the breeds. You don’t need to worry about their grooming needs, too, because it’s pretty basic. 

Pomeranian – this dainty dog is sweet and is loyal to its owners. They do well with older children but are adaptable to other family members. A structured boundary and consistent training are some things a Pomeranian will need. Although they may look fluffy and require regular grooming, they’re not high maintenance at all; regular brushing may do the trick to keep them kept and good-looking.

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Shih Tzu – a Shih Tzu is one of the best companions on lazy afternoons and siestas. They require minimal exercise and get cozied quite fast. This breed also finds it enjoyable to follow their masters from one room to another and doesn’t seem to get tired of it. They make great family pets and could get along well with other dog breeds, too.

Papillon – this is a small-sized dog with a happy and friendly personality. They’re adaptable and thrive on household chores well. They’re particular with kids and are amicable to gentle and loving ones. They’re a cute lap dog and a great exercise partner. They may, however, need trimming now and then to maintain their pleasing appearance. Although not that, they appreciate the play and regular training.

Labrador Retriever – a Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular and sought-after medium to large-sized dogs to keep as a family pet. They are intensely loyal and are great at playing with kids of all ages. They tend to develop tight bonds with their owners and their family members. You can even train them with almost all the tricks in the book. They have a great coating that may need regular grooming to be maintained, but that won’t be an issue if you’re one hundred percent sure to keep them.

Yorkshire Terrier – this breed is an amazing choice for a lap dog. First-time dog owners will find them adorable and protective. They get very close with their owners but are versatile at play with other family members, too. They only need basic exercise and display moderate energy. This breed may benefit most from a structured environment with regular training sessions as they may often show stubbornness. 

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Whippet – Whippets are very active dogs and benefit best from leading an active lifestyle. However, they’re quite adaptable and make for a good house company. They’re friendly to visitors and kids as well. 

When is the best time to get a dog?

There is no hard or fast rule in getting a dog for as long as you’re ready to tend to its needs and could offer them a safe space for them to fill and live in. Dogs often respond well to a nurturing environment, and if you believe you can offer them a good life like that, you know you’re ready. If you’re planning to get one with your partner, make a consensus on which breed will work best with the both of you and schedule tasks for each other to do for a more dynamic set-up. 



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